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Kuching Kayaking: Rainforest & Dolphins Kayaking Trips in Malaysia - Travel Vacations Adventure Holidays in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on kayaking day trip through the rainforests of Borneo

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    City: 100.3354 Penang, Malaysia

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  • A. Barua - Comfortable

    My feet are pretty wide (EE). These cycling shoes were a pretty good fit. I did notice that any ride over 30 miles, my pinky toe on both feet were getting numb. Otherwise, the value proposition is pretty well on these shoes.

  • Newbie1959 - Ridiculous assembly effort required - of small parts, with metric-size nuts!.

    I had always bought Cheetah mounts - liking the way the TV brackets locs and unlock from the wall plate. So I ordered the latest one last week, without re-reading the reviews. The average of the 6,000+ reviews was still high.

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    I really like this serum, especially in the humid, warm weather months. It goes on the skin very matte and doesn't make your face oily or greasy. I'm in love with the texture of it. I first discovered it in a free sample from Bath and Bodyworks. I'm still using that sample as it was a pretty good size and you don't need much of this. This is a great price for a huge container of 3.4 ozs. As it spreads so well and you only need a small dab on the forehead, checks, nose and chin, it will last me for quite some time!

  • Newleaf - So dull

    I thought it was just me ...that I don't read much and my attention span is a problem. Or that I'm not intelligent enough to understand the depth of these stories. But then I came here and found other reviews about the dullness by people who loved previous years' selections. These stories are simply too show paced for me.