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Lancet Nigeria is part of a pathology laboratory which is Internationally Accredited - Lancet laboratories is an ultramodern technologically advanced & independent pathology laboratory in Lagos Nigeria.

  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/about-us/ Lancet Nigeria provides a high-quality range of tests & services - Clinica-Lancet was established to provide medical laboratory & consultation with the most extensive range of tests available in Nigeria today
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/about-us/company-overview/ Lancet Nigeria - Company Overview, Our History & Vision Statement - We started 40 years ago as Clina Labs, which merged in 2008 with Immunoassay Laboratories to meet the increasing demand for a wider range of tests quality
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/about-us/our-care-values/ At Lancet Nigeria we value & respect our customers - We achieve great customer service by caring about our patients health, developing new products & delivering consistent quality at every level of business.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/services/ Lancet Nigeria strives for quality testing & excellence services - In Nigeria we provide high-quality routing & specialized medical laboratory services, as well as analytical laboratory services.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/media-centre/press-releases/ View some of our Press-Releases - Lancet Nigeria press releases for education & information in regards to TB, Pathology, health & Lancet Laboratories news.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria Pathology Centre - Read our Pathology Newsletters on various medical subjects, view Lancet Nigeria's pathologists & resources.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/our-pathologists/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Meet our Pathologists - Our expert Pathologists are : Dr G Hariparsad, who specializes in Histology and Cytology & Dr P Cole who specializes in Chemical Pathology.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Pathology Newsletters - Read our newsletters & learn more about various medical terms & clinical tests that we provide at Lancet Laboratories Nigeria.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/chemical-pathology/ Lancet Nigeria - Chemical Pathology Newsletters - Learn more about diagnosis & description of Salivary Cortisol, Ovarian Cancer, Biochemical Testing for Growth Hormone & more.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/haematology/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Haematology Newsletters - Learn more about Haematology related tests, diagnosis & analysis in our newsletters.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/histopathology/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Histopathology Newsletters - Read about Histopathology assessments, diagnosis, examinations & more in our Histopathology newsletters.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/immunology/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Immunology Newsletters - Read about immunology, diagnosis, type of auto-immune disorders, treatments approach & more, in our Immunology newsletter.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/microbiology/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Microbiology Newsletters - Read about structure, function, uses & modes of existence of microscopic organisms in our Microbiology Newsletters.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/molecular-biology/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Molecular Biology Newsletters - Read our Molecular Biology newsletter & learn more about the nature of biological phenomena at the molecular level through the study of DNA & RNA.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/pathology-newsletters/virology/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Virology newsletters - Learn about vaccinations for travel in Africa, Influenza viruses, Rubella, Hepatitis C Diagnosis & more, all in our Virology newsletters.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/resources/links/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Our Accreditors & Associates - Find links to our accreditors & associates: SANAS, National Pathology Group of South Africa, ARUP Consult & National Institute for Communicable Diseases
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/pathology-centre/resources/lancet-mobile-application/ Look at the new Lancet Laboratories Mobile Application - An application that assists doctors with the delivery & viewing of laboratory results from their mobile devices! View application features here.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/careers/career-opportunities/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Career Opportunities - Learn more about the exciting career opportunities available at Lancet Laboratories!
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/careers/human-resources/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Human Resources Department - Our HR Department is committed to provide quality HR function & aim to contribute towards business success by providing expert services. Learn more.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/locate_a_lab/ Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Locate the Lab closer to you! - There are seven branches in Lagos & one in Warri so far. For locations, contact details & working hours click here.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/africa/ Lancet Laboratories in Africa - A key Lancet hallmark is its continuous growth & development. More than 80 specialists’ pathologists & current operations in 12 African countries. Read on
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/contact-us/accounts-enquiries/ Contact Us at Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Find contact details for: Accounts Enquiries, Business development unit, Customer call center & send us any messages or questions you may have.
  • http://www.lancet.com.ng/index.php/contact-us/register-pathportal/thank-you/ Thank you for your enquiry at Lancet Laboratories Nigeria - Thank you for your enquiry, our call center team will be in touch shortly to attend to your query.

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  • Kimberly - so I definitely do not want to give this a bad review because my excessive split ends and weak hair ...

    I'm not so sure what to take on this, so I definitely do not want to give this a bad review because my excessive split ends and weak hair could be for endless reasons.

  • Riverland - Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster (Colors... Fun toy, NOT a chiken shooter...

    Our Family lives on a farm with lots of animals, among those we have chickens who are always getting on our porch and making a mess.Our family bought this in hopes that we could use it as a short term "chicken shooter " so that we could have fun while gently getting them off our porch and hopefully keeping them off without causing them any harm.. My Dad was super excited to try it out when it arrived as he is a bit of a child at heart :) So, the next day when a chicken came waltzing up on our porch he was ready with the nerf gun. We all waited with great anticipation.....perhaps we would find an easy, safe and fun way to train them to stay off of the porch and out of the plants. He aimed, he fired and...it bounced off the chicken. The rooster just stood there cocking his head back and forth. Sure enough the other chickens acted the same way... We tried a few more times, and no animals were harmed in the process. In fact, they went about business as usual and didn’t seem stunned or motivated to move in the least. So, it is now used as a fun toy and it really is fun, just not very useful to scare away chickens...We would encourage you to buy it as a fun indoor toy even. As long as you don’t aim at breakables or aim it at any living object at close range, the soft pellets won’t do any harm.

  • esd087 - Affordable and improved our efficiency!

    Finally convinced my managers (small family-run company) that we needed to upgrade our umpteen-years old accounting system. While there have been some kinks along the way, this has been a fantastic system to work with. Very flexible and (for the most part) easy to learn. There are a few missing features here and there that would make sense to include - but they're small issues. Intuit has very good online forums and I've found those extremely helpful to find fast answers to problems. We also signed up for Intuit Merchant Services because it had great credit card rates and ties in very nicely with QuickBooks.

  • Rick from Victorville, CA - Good protection, but slugs over network

    I had Prevx and Webroot bought them out. Prevx was an excellent product and I had no issues with it. I run a small company with PCs accessing programs from a fileserver. When Webroot took over, it knocked anything executing over the LAN down to a crawl. It also has a nasty side-effect of not allowing copy and paste between some of my apps. (I managed to find a control setting to fix that issue.)

  • Mike - Umm...its apple juice

    Exactly as promised,it is Apple Juice made by Mott's. Much cheaper than the store, even on sale. You should buy it.

  • yvette143 - Good 'Jump Start'!

    Have used often - good for a 'jump start' (cleanse); you will drop approx. 5 pounds (maybe more, 5 is what I seem to avg. on it) following usage. I'm actually not starving, nor do I feel weak while 'only' drinking the product for 2 days; that's a plus and surprising because I like food:)