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LAS do Brasil - Comércio de Produtos Analíticos e Laboratoriais - LAS DO BRASIL Comércio de Produtos Analíticos e Laboratoriais nasceu com a proposta de ser uma empresa inovadora na importação de bens e serviços para atender diversos ramos da indústria.

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  • M. A. Reilly - an obvious fact

    I so enjoy how you reel us in by your wonderful writing in the first 3 to 4 pages. so happy to have Walt & Henry & Vic back again. only wish you could write faster! enjoyed the new book & looking forward to the new season also. keep up the best stories ever & happy trails.

  • Jason - Here's my honest review

    I love it to death. Literally every time I drink a beer I always use it. It's made me like IPA's even and I used to never drink those. I've gained 5 lbs since I got it! I show it to all my friends and we've done multiple taste tests with it from bottle and through the machine and fizzics wins everytime. Not a gimmick I promise. Pricy yes but who cares you drink a lot of beer anyway so just buy it! Honestly the only downfall is I don't know when to stop pouring it and start switching to the foam part because I don't know how much beer is left, I guess you just have to know how big your cup is and when 12 oz's is at. I can't wait until they come out with newer prototypes maybe one that plugs into the wall instead of batteries because I hate buying batteries. I got 100+ pours from a 4 pack of Duracell. Final answer: go buy it! You will be the king of the party