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  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/softlaser.htm Softlaser - The marvel of German Engineering - Our Beurer softlaser is a marvel of German engineering and ingenuity. This little device has proven to be an affordable option to expensive spa and dermatologist treatments.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/sl50_cluster.htm Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT) | Stop Smoking Laser | Cold Laser Treatments | Therapeutic Lasers | Pain Laser Therapy - Laser Therapeutics specializes in the sale and distribution of low powered and non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy Equipments including LLLT, Cold Laser Therapy, and Stop Smoking Laser Therapy Equipments.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/laser_therapy.htm Low Level Laser Therapy Explained by Laser Therapeutics| LLLT info - Because of the low-power nature of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), biochemical effects are caused, like growth factor response within cells and tissues, pain relief and strengthening of immune system response.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/meet_the_experts.htm Laser Therapy | Low Level Laser Therapy | LaserTherapeutics - Laser Therapeutics has experts from diverse backgrounds who have made a mark in their respective lines of working. Their expertise has enabled Laser Therapeutics to make advances in clinical trials using laser technology and devices.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/faq.htm Low Level Laser | Pain Laser Therapy | Laser LightTherapy | Quit Smoking Treatment | Weight Loss Laser - The Omega XP Laser System is a therapeutic low-level laser, classified as a prescription device. It is used for treating certain forms of musculoskeletal tissue pain and in clinical trials for smoke addiction, weight loss etc.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/contact_us.htm Contact Us @ Laser Therapeutics - Laser Therapeutics Inc. is one of the most well-established U.S. companies specializing in Low Level Laser Therapy. Contact us today to find out more about our world-class lasers and their associated treatments.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/request_information.htm Request Information @ Laser Therapeutics - Please fill in your contact details and the information you seek to have regarding our laser systems and their therapeutic applications.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/omega_lasers.htm Omega Laser System Information | Low Level Laser Therapy| LLLT - Omega Laser Therapy Systems for Low Level Laser Therapy | Low powered and non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy Equipment (LLLT), Laser Therapy for pain, laser therapy research, low level soft laser therapy
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/stop_smoking.htm Stop Smoking Laser Treatment - Laser Therapeutics is proud to have been a part of the laser therapy stop smoking research study leading to publication of the article
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/led_ir_light.php LED Infrared Laser Light - Omega Laser Probes Low Level Laser Therapy | Visible Red Light - Infra-red probe, Low powered and non-invasive LLLT probes.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/about_us.htm Low Level Laser Therapy | Stop Smoking Treatment |Therapeutic Laser | Pain Laser Therapy | Weight Loss Laser - Laser Therapeutics is a U.S. based company established by a group of medical professionals, engaged in clinical investigations of Low Level Laser Therapy on a number of conditions such as smoke cessation, certain pain conditions etc.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/hair_care.htm Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT) | Hair Care Lasers |Hair Laser Therapy & Treatments - Laser Therapeutics specializes in the sale and distribution of low powered and non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy Equipments including LLLT, Cold Laser Therapy, and Hair Care Lasers.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/laser_shows_events.htm Low Level Light Therapy | Therapeutic Lasers | LLLTShows & Events - Laser Therapeutics regularly exhibits their therapeutic Low Level Laser Systems at various conventions and trade shows. These are a result of their advanced clinical trials on harnessing the inherent strength of laser technology.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/new%20hair%20brush.htm Medicom Maestro Laser Therapy System | Accessories, Probes, LineScan, Quatro & more | LLLT Equipment - Medicom Maestro Therapy Laser System is a type of MDTL (Menu Driven Therapy Laser), which incorporates complete computer-controlled therapy treatment parameters. This advanced laser meets even the highest demands of laser therapists. Probes & accessories available.
  • http://www.lasertherapeutics.us/Pain%20Plus%20Laser.htm Laser Light Therapy | Therapeutic Laser | Cold Lasers | Stop Smoking Treatments - Laser Therapeutics is the exclusive North American Distributor for CTL Lasers (Centre of Laser Technology) – LASERINSTRUMENTS, which offers lasers for industry, medicine, education, research and safety applications.

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  • J. Tauber - Varies

    I understand what this product is supposed to do - simply detox your body. I'm sure for most people this is fabulously accomplished, but for others this product is a tossup - and I landed on the bad side. My workout (yes, that includes working out every day, which they also recommend) diet essentially follows their recommended diet, including plenty of water. After following their regimen without deviation I had this experience for 4 days straight: repeated watery diarrhea in the early AM (once 7 am, once 430am, etc). Eventually I had to stop because I was going on a flight and didn't want to take any chances (once I stopped the regimen all was okay). Now my experience bumped it down a couple of stars, but I didn't want to give it the lowest rating because I am sure this product is great for the majority of people. Just like anything in life: results may vary!

  • Amazon Customer - I would love to write a review but it won't let me ...

    I would love to write a review but it won't let me see episode 5. I thought the point of amazon, especially prime, was to be able to see newly released episodes. I suppose, this like everything else, is more for thought and less for actuality.

  • JustQ2U - A lil dab will do ya~

    I have a chronic pain disease and lower back problems. LivRelief was a pleasant surprise! I have tried almost every cream, rub, roll on or adhesive to be found and they just did not work. I tried LivRelief on my shoulder and neck muscles and within minutes felt the muscles relaxing and the pain receding. LivRelief worked on my shoulder and neck muscles, however, I did not have the opportunity to try it on finger, elbow, knee or ankle joints. (I was given a free sample to try and write an honest review.) I will be purchasing some the next shopping outing to try on joint pain. I was very happy with the relief from the muscle pain I received from the LivRelief. (One note of caution, a little dab will do ya~ less is more here... start with pea sized plop and at one end of area you are applying to... add more if necessary, but start small... Best wishes and I hope it works for you too~

  • Leah - Wishing I used it sooner!

    I had purchased this a long time ago and never gotten around to using it. I recently found it again about a month ago and decided to give it a shot. I have struggled with acne for a large part of my life and nothing had seemed to work, including prescription medication I had gotten from my dermatologist. Like I said, it has been about a month now and I can already see a major difference in my skin. I feel good enough about it to go without make-up half the time now. I wish I had used it when I purchased!

  • Lisa - Chi Leave In Conditioner

    This is a great leave in conditioner to help your hair feel silky and look shiny. My hair dresser used to use it and switched products so I was delighted to find it on Amazon. Seller packaged well and even taped the lid shut so it wouldn't leak. Definitely recommend product and Seller.

  • Heidi R. Moore - AMAZING!

    I won't repeat everything every one else said about following the directions to the letter and how it only works if you went darker when you colored, not lighter -- all VERY true!!! I will tell you that my hair is very fine, I'm a natural brunette, but have been coloring my hair for years. My natural color is very dark, but I had colored it a few months ago with a red-brown that I really liked. Like all reds, it faded A LOT and was looking kind of orangy to me, PLUS I had my dark roots coming in and some wispy grays around the temples. Yeah, I know, YUK! I had to do something, so I colored with Garnier Fructis dark mahogany brown. Worked great, covered the gray, left my hair shiny, etc., BUT I had left it in the full 30 mins because the grays I have a resistant to color and my hair turned an extremely dark brown, almost black. UGH. I went to work for two days like that and I hated how it looked in general and it looked even worse in the fluorescent lights at work. Made me look really old and I'm definitely not old. OY. I figured I had nothing to loose, so I hauled over to the CVS and found OOPS Extra Strength. I stood in the CVS and read about a hundred reviews online on my phone while i debated if I wanted to try it. I am SO glad that I did! I did the strand test and determined that I would only need to leave it on for ten minutes to get the lightness I wanted. Like I said, my hair is very fine and since it takes color easily, I wasn't surprised that the color came out easily too. By the time I finished putting it on, I had nine minutes left and then washed with Suave Clarifying Shampoo, rinsed, washed, rinsed, washed and then conditioned. Twenty minutes of rinsing each time and 20 mins of conditioner. I was prepared to recolor after I finished, but I really like the resulting color. Oddly enough, it's similar to how it looked before I colored it dark but I have no dark roots and no gray at the temple. SWEET! I love it! My hair still feels healthy and I don't need to color. Best product ever!