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  • garo - Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in it

    Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in it....you know it's time that all laptops have SSD's as standard.....please no more 5400 rpm HD's!! Also upon removing the MB to install more memory I found no expansion slot...just 4gb of RAM soddered to the board. So it's limited to 4gb RAM. If anyone sees different please let me know. All-in-all can't complain for the price.

  • Ella age 6 - Check you're dad's eyes for x Ray vision.

    Is your dad stronger than a rhino ? Is he faster than a bullet? Can he hear you even when you 're silent as a mouse? If you don't believe your dad can do that, read this book!

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    This essential oil smells great! This is a top notch oil and is very strong and 100% pure. The dark colored bottle helps the oil to keep fresh. The aroma is very wonderful and is great in aroma therapy. I used in Diffuser and bath tub. First day after receiving it, I put 5 to 6 drops in my diffuser which filled up the entire home with Lavender smell, which I thought a little too much. But the next day onwards, I used only 2 drops and I felt great and happy about the product. The aroma is very strong so don't use more than 2 drops if you are using it in diffuser. It helps in soothing the mind and body with aromatherapy.

  • Kindle Customer - Very short

    Good read but much too short. I felt like I was just getting into it and it was the end of the book. Was only .99 but still. When it said short story they weren't kidding.

  • Erik - When my devices connect and am close to the router or satellite the speeds are excellent. However

    I've been running Orbi in parallel with my existing home network for about a week now. When my devices connect and am close to the router or satellite the speeds are excellent. However, I've been having issues with it dropping internet access randomly for about a minute before reconnecting. I'll still have good signal strength just no outside internet access. Reconnecting to Orbi or one of my other access points solves the problem, or I can just wait 2 min and things should be good.

  • Travis J. Faile - Good for the price

    If you take the time to fit it right it works pretty well. It is not going to give you loud rattling base but is good for a sound quality set up to add the missing low end to mid bass that a system may not have. That being said it does get pretty loud and can be heard outside the car. Just don't expect a ton of spl. I was originally going to buy the 12" version of this but due to the size I decided to go with this 10" since there are a lot more options of sub woofers that will fit into the 10" version and only about 4 that will fit the 12". Plus the 12" version does not have enough space to really get any good sound for the power and size of the speakers that can fit in this. Overall I would say that if you are going for a small to medium amount of bass I would highly recommend this product. The price is reasonable compared to others on the market and it is definitely not comparable to something "made out of shop class" and I could not build anything this well out of Popsicle sticks as others have stated. The build was clean, the carpet was applied in a neat fashion and the inside was actually sealed with some form of silicon caulk to somewhat shelter it from water and wear in general.

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    "This is a cute little camera for Tweens and teens that enjoy making mini movies or taking pics. Great color, easy to find in a messy room, sturdy and durable. Came with a bunch of supplies such as a mini tripod and usb cable for pc download.I have owned several camcorders in the past and would not consider myself a photographer or expert by any means. Maybe a prosumer would be an accurate term. I like to get the most out of my buck and this camera delivers. It is easy to use, has a great touchscreen, easily understood settings, and takes high quality video. See my youtube review (search ldsreliance) for a comparison between a decent 480p video camera and this Canon shooting on medium-high settings.