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Maine DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney | Wayne R. Foote - Wayne R. Foote is Maine's only board certified DUI Lawyer. Specializing in DUI, Federal and State Criminal Law. Call for a free case review 207-990-5855.

  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/ Bangor Maine DUI Lawyer | OUI Defense | DWI Attorney Wayne R. Foote - Bangor, Maine DUI Lawyer Wayne R. Foote is the state's only board certified DUI attorney that uses his expertise in DWI and OUI Defense. Free Case Review.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/attorney-foote-s-qualifications/ Bangor DUI Defense Attorney Wayne Foote Certifications | Maine Lawyer - Bangor DUI Defense Attorney Wayne Foote has many certifications showing he is skilled in the area of criminal defense. Maine‚Äôs only Board Certified DUI Defense Lawyer.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/oui-charge-faq/ Charged with OUI in Maine? Get the Answers to Your Questions - If the police just charged you with OUI in Maine you are probably wondering, what happens now? Get the answers to your questions here.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/maine-drunk-driving-laws/ Drunk Driving Laws in Maine | Bangor OUI Defense Attorney Wayne Foote - Drunk Driving Laws in Maine are straight and to the point while the penalties are among the harshest in the country. Contact Bangor OUI Defense Attorney Wayne Foote Today.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/maine-dui-penalties/ Penalties for Maine OUI Conviction | Multiple DUI Arrests | Felony Drunk Driving - The penalties for an OUI conviction in Maine can be severe depending on the number of previous DUI arrests and if there was a felony drunk driving charge involved.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/maine-courts/ Information Regarding Maine Criminal Law Courts - Find important information about the Maine Criminal Court System including district, superior and federal.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/maine-courts/district-courts/ Maine District Court Contact Information | Bangor Criminal Law Attorney - Maine District Court contact information including jurisdiction and physical locations.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/maine-courts/superior-courts/ Maine Superior Court Contact Information | Criminal Defense - Information regarding the jurisdiction and location of the superior courts of the great State of Maine.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/maine-dui-defense/canada-on-maine-dui-convictions/ Convicted of a Maine DUI? Forget About Driving in Canada - If you're convicted of a DUI in Maine, Canada will consider you to be an inadmissible person. Contact us today for a free case review. 207-990-5855
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/federal-and-state-criminal-defense/ Bangor Maine Criminal Defense Attorney | Federal and State Criminal Defense Lawyer - Attorney Wayne R. Foote will fight for your rights in the court room. Get experience and know how on your side.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/federal-and-state-criminal-defense/federal-and-state-gun-laws/ Federal Gun Laws | Maine Gun Laws | Criminal Defense Attorney - Wayne R. Foote is a Maine criminal defense attorney with experience defending clients against federal and state gun law violations and charges.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/federal-and-state-criminal-defense/federal-and-state-drug-laws/ Federal Drug Laws | Maine Drug Laws | Criminal Defense Attorney - Wayne R. Foote is a Maine criminal defense attorney with experience defending clients against federal and state drug law violations and charges.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/about-us/ Maine OUI DUI Attorney, Wayne R. Foote | Bangor Criminal Defense Lawyer - Wayne R. Foote is a DUI attorney and criminal defense lawyer who fights tooth and nail for his clients.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/about-us/dui-attorney-foote-s-certifications/ Bangor Maine Lawyer Wayne R. Foote is a Qualified in Criminal Defense - Review the credentials of Bangor Lawyer Wayne R. Foote who provides top criminal defense in Maine.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/about-us/practice-management-philosophy/ Attorney Wayne R. Foote's Practice Management Philosophy - Experience One Flat Fee, Wayne R. Foote's undivided attention on your DUI case, and an exceptional legal defense.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/about-us/paralegal/ Paralegal, Nanon Foote J.D. - Guiding Your Defense - Receive the guidance you need from Nanon Foote, J.D. She has studied law all over the world & will help you in your time of need.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/blog/ Maine DUI Attorney Wayne Foote's Blog - Attorney Foote offers information on Maine criminal defense for DUI in addition to gun and drug laws.
  • http://www.lawyersmaine.com/contact-us/ Wayne R. Foote Law Offices | 207-990-5855 | 344 Mount Hope Ave. Bangor, ME 04401 - Contact Bangor Maine Criminal Defense Attorney Wayne R. Foote for a free review of your case. 207-990-5855

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