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  • bob tousignant - avoid this scam of supple

    I ordered 24 cans as I am in back pain everyday. I drank ALL of the product as instructed. I saw NO change in my pain. I tried to call and get a refund and of course they claim I was one day late in my 30 day refund. Do not try this scam product.

  • Peter A. Labrozzi - Wouldn't tighten, extremely poor quality.

    Ordered one of these from Amazon NOW because I occasionally need to fix something with a socket wrench around my apartment and didn't have a set. I went on the cheap side with these as the times I need them are not very frequent, but I regretted my decision as soon as I received this set.

  • Grandpa - Big improvement over my old edger

    This edger is a BIG improvement over my old one, which had a power cord & a metal blade, & really didn't work all that well. The Worx is lighter, easier to use, & it makes a neater, cleaner edge. When I bought this edger I offered to give my old one to my son, but he said no, he will just borrow the new one.

  • NJCook - Comparable to the better brands but less then 1/2 the cost

    I play about 25 times a year and shoot in the low 90's high 80's. I've played just about every ball over the course of this year but always come back to these. I've tried all the Nike, Calloway, Bridgestone and Tittles balls and put these behind the ProV1 and that's all. I prefer play a high draw and these balls have the perfect amount of spin for that. Very soft around the greens and putting too. They might not be right for everyone's swing, again I intentionally play a draw, but for the price they are def worth a try.

  • acmw - ABSOLUTE BS

    I have 10 replays from a single game that prove that this company's game engine is complete and absolute BS. Honestly, I'm considering recording my controller and game at the same time to collect evidence to try to sue this piece of trash company for dishonest and completely misleading marketing. This isn't a game, it's an incomplete, arbitrary, piece of absolute trash.

  • Ray E. Lewis - Pc matic

    This program not only would no download to my pc, but they boosted my bill, from what I approved. Then either the company, or an unscrupulous employee ordered something on my card # and just yesterday tried to use that # again, but it's been cancelled for 3 weeks! These are crooks!