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  • https://www.lifepositive.com/fine-balance/ A fine balance - Life Positive - To attain balance in body, mind and spirit, is no small matter. It calls us to free ourselves of the pull and push of craving and aversion
  • https://www.lifepositive.com/integratedmedicine/ A Higher Synthesis - Life Positive - The future of health care lies in the fusion of allopathy with alternative therapies, giving rise to a system that will treat each patient holistically
  • https://www.lifepositive.com/who-am-i-2/ Who am I? - Life Positive - The path of self-enquiry as advocated by Ramana Maharshi is the classic jnana route to enlightenment. Purnima Coontoor offers an experiential understanding of the concept
  • https://www.lifepositive.com/deeper-and-deeper/ Deeper and deeper - Life Positive - Going deeper and deeper into her thoughts, feelings and physical sensations is bringing Suma Varughese to a state of greater equanamity
  • https://www.lifepositive.com/exit-the-i/ Exit the 'I' - Life Positive - Compliments of the season. This is the month the country will be celebrating both Dassehra and Diwali
  • https://www.lifepositive.com/run-roshni-run/ Run, Roshni, run! - Life Positive - Read Roshni Rai's inspiring and invigorating tale of how she became one of the country's handful of ultra marathon runners despite not having been an athlete in school
  • https://www.lifepositive.com/righteous-living/ Righteous living - Life Positive - Good parenting is the cornerstone of raising a conscientious next generation, says Shivi Verma

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  • Diana 808 - Bona Leaves a Streaky Film

    Bona leaves a streaky film no matter how it's applied. The Bona film also catches dirt so you need to mop more often. And this film builds up, dulling your wood floor. I therefore switched to moping with a water/vinegar solution. Every once in a while I would try Bona again because I still had the spray bottle and it seemed like it should be easier and more effective. But every time I saw those streaks I realized Bona actually makes mopping harder in the long run. So today I threw away my Bona spray bottle. I have found the best hardwood floor cleaner is a solution of 1 gallon warm water with 1/2 C. white vinegar. Wet your sponge mop with this solution and squeeze it well. If it is a small area, use the hands/knees method. Water/vinegar is recommended by many hardwood flooring companies as a floor cleaner. The only internet site that says to never use water/vinegar is the Bona site!

  • Peter Prendergast - ... board now for about a week and found installation easy. It worked right out of the box

    I've had the board now for about a week and found installation easy. It worked right out of the box. For you less tech types, its fast, handles THE most modern chips, does NOT handle "older" chips so read carefully before you buy one.

  • Airboren - Works okay, but doesn't last long.

    This stuff is okay,I have to put quite a bit on for it to last a few exercises. I use it in the gym in place of traditional chalk. I'm honestly not totally sold here only because it doesn't last as long as I wanted.

  • Gabriel Z. - Great Price

    Norton is definitely my AV of choice. The price on Amazon beats the in store promotions so buy the suite here and don't look back. Norton may have had a bad track record in the past with their software consuming a lot of system resources but users now can rest easy. The registry cleaner is the second most used utility in the suite that I use.

  • James Currie Jr. - Get big

    Few months ago a friend told me about M-Stak. He said you'll feel a big different in my work. Boost the weight I was pushing, felt stronger. It really work. So if you work out and want to get big try it.

  • Tyrell Midland - Great mouse pad at a great price.

    This mouse pad is actually far superior to my previous mouse pad. I used to think that one pad is as good as the next, however, this has exceeded my expectations greatly. The mouse glides easily across it, the mouse pointer never jumps/stutters, it's large enough that no matter what I'm doing or what speed I'm moving the mouse, I never run out of real estate and have to lift the mouse, preposition and have to start moving again.

  • Sparta - Great story

    The author does a wonderful job creating an interesting world and a fun quest. At the heart of the book is the battle-trained young Rina, who watched her family be killed by invaders. Her escape is well written and with only her loyal body guard Rina makes her way to an ancient sorcerer—the Ink Mage—who gifts her with a strange magical tattoos. In this world it is the tattoo that works the magic. An interesting process and cute idea. I look forward to the next story. This is a complete tale with no cliffhanger.