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  • motmom - Once/day does the trick!

    I initially followed the package instructions and doctor's orders - twice a day with Women's Rogaine for my thinning hair. Did it work? Oh, it worked, all right. Hair came in with a vengeance! I had hair growing in places that had never had hair before! Think Planet of the Apes. I was horrified. A dermatologist told me to stop using it for 2 months, then try again using it only once/day. So, 2 months later, I did just that. It's been 6 months and my hair completely filled in, the hair in unwanted places has gone away for the most part (will explain later), and I'm thrilled! I will say that once, maybe twice about 4 months ago, a nickel size patch of hair fell out above my temples, but hair filled in rapidly there, thank goodness. I use it every day, just once/day. One month I forgot to use it a couple of times, but that didn't cause a problem. As for hair in unwanted places - I have a few hairs above the corners of my mouth as a result of the treatment, but a personal grooming tool removes them in seconds. No big deal. I'm just happy I have my full head of hair back!

  • werner45 - Could be Better

    This used to be my go to product for hair removal. I used it for years, but the last few bottles have been problematic. It wouldn't remove all the hair, even leaving it on longer than recommended. I finally switched to Veet Sensitive Formula and I haven't had any more problems.

  • B Franklin - Great as a computer monitor

    Great computer monitor, very little calibration actually needed out of the box. Works great for large spreadsheet applications but also plays games just fine. Played Witcher 3 4k, Dirty Bomb 4k and custom ultrawide resolution, Doom 3, etc... All ran great using an overclocked 980 TI. Basically no input lag and very little motion blur. Did have some bad looking clipping on occassion when vsync was off during 1st person shooters but nothing I can't forgive.

  • Emily Olson - The best price I have seen for this product

    I got this as a Christmas gift for my brother who was already using this scent but had run out. It was the same quality as the bottle he had been using previously, but was less than half the price that he paid at a store in the mall. Very happy with this purchase!

  • Dorisa - Good working. Cheaper price

    Honestly this product really works really good I've gained 15 pounds . I've always been really thin but had a huge appetite. In 2012 I had my first son which I put on weight and I was so happy. Months after running around being a mom I lost all my baby weight . So I decided to try this & really I can now eat and eat with no limits feeling good to be feeling healthy :-). Since I have gained my ideal weight I am going to break for the pills so I do have a extra box $ 40.00 includes shipping still in box email me [email protected] serious inquiries only !!!

  • Nick - Read the reviews before buying!

    I should have listened to the poor reviews before buying! Nothing grew! Nothing!..Such a waste of money! Total disappointment :(

  • H. Dani - BEWARE!

    BEWARE! I bought the shampoo for visibly thinning hair (white/orange bottle) and it literally made my hair break off in handfuls. Thankfully after a few times, I linked the problem to this shampoo and stopped using it -- at that point, my hair stopped breaking off. I was on the way to having no hair ... BEWARE!!!