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  • GeeEss - Poor customer support, features stopped working

    I installed the product and it worked fine for the first few weeks. Out of the blue (...nothing on my computer was changed) some of the features stopped working - namely "One touch Backup" as well as the ability to schedule automated backups. I tried a series of workarounds that are posted on the Acronis forums and none of them worked. As for customer service, their response times are unacceptably slow. So far I am at three days and counting waiting for a response to my last query regarding the problems...

  • 2Be1Ask1 - Love, Love, Love the PDF-like AND text reflow version in the same subscription!! This is a subscription you just NEED.

    I just LOVE this in e-format on iOS. I can carry multiple issues and read them on all my devices in both "PDF-like" version or a "text" version. This gives me a real magazine-feel that I can zoom into and out of (ads pages and all, which is just fine with me) or I can ready a reflowed text to really churn through articles. I also like the Smithsonian, Tech Review, and Backpacker e-mags on Kindle for the same reason. I wish they could get some Newspapers to follow this format, I tried both the NTY and the Guardian and neither offer the PDF-like version that I like so much...the NYT had other problems too, like being tied to only a single device (so I cant read it on both my iPad (at home) and iPhone (on the bus to work) without TWO subscriptions....Booooo). If only more e-papers followed the NAT GEO model on Kindle, I'd sure consume more.

  • Susanne - A Giant Success

    I find Billy Bob repulsive and attractive at the same time. He's an unlikely movie star but an unquestionably talented storyteller. I was drawn to this show but determined not to like it. Verdict: I finished the first season in three days and give it four stars. I don't have any legal background, so I didn't pick up on any errors in that regard. The only real mistake I caught was when Karl Stoltz described Rachel as being 30 years old!? I look forward to a second season if the material is of the same caliber. It's hard to imagine what would become of these characters. Maybe some would be wiped altogether to make way for a new story line.

  • GAcountrygirl - Dry feet buy this!

    My heels were extremely dry and cracked and I used this kit. I was to the point I had tried everything! This was going to be the last ditch effort to do something. Well, I wish I had found this first, because this is what worked! I followed the directions to a "t" and soaked my feet a couple of times a day. The first few days I thinks well nothing is happening, then all of the sudden my feet started peeling like crazy and I began to wonder if they were going to start. LOL It took about 2 weeks for the peeling to stop. But, when it did my feet were as soft as baby feet. The pain from them being overdry were gone. I began to moisturize nightly to keep the moisture in the skin and they are still doing great.