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    I have tried this natural teeth whitening product for 4 days. When we were kids my grandma used to give us charcoal to clean our teeth and now it's coming in a convenient box. First thing I like about this is its made of clean products. Organic orange peel and organic mints are mouth freshners too. I know natural clay has many benefits for skins and tooth. I didn't hesitate to try this and it's working. I am a person who will avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible so for me this is a gem. I received this product on discounted price in exchange of an honest review. My 10 year old son wanted to try this and I allowed him, while I will never allow him to use those chemical teeth whitening stuff.

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    This book ruined my life. A friend of mine left this book on my kitchen table one night. My wife found it the next morning and took it as a sign that I didn't like her cooking. What followed was the most horrendous knock out drag out fight that ever transpired. It ended with her confessing to sleeping with my best friend who would come over while I was at work, pork my wife, then apply his hemorrhoid cream with my toothbrush. I was so angry I chucked the toaster clean through our window which crashed through the windshield of an oncoming semi. It Jack-knifed and smashed into a bus stop full of elderly and children. Apparently I'm "Criminally liable". I did a 20 year stretch in state where I made a decent living making shivs out of wood scraps and discarded teeth. Now I live alone under the bridge on 5th street. I make people answer a riddle to cross the bridge, but the answer is always "Microwave for one".

  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    Lucas oil stabilizer works very well for me. I have been using for a long time and will continue to use.