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  • Terry R. - The pictures and descriptions were useful.

    Saved myself several hundred dollars the first time I used it. I bought the manual to do my 10K service. The pictures and descriptions were useful.

  • Shopper12 - I LOVE this product

    I LOVE this product, though the rabbits don't :) Using this product in my flowerbeds has allowed me to have flowers that before were a Specialty Bunny Salad Bar!

  • Lyssarae - Totally intrigued! Great page turner!

    I am really enjoying the start of this series! There are parts that the author is repetitive but it soon evens out. Answers left hanging so I hope they come together nicely. I've come to greatly love reading Jaymin eves stories. I recommend her as an author. I actually avoided this book for a little while but I am glad I finally decided to pick it up. I don't usually get in to details of the story (no spoilers) so Im not about to start now! Happy reading.

  • KAMS - junk

    I bought this with the 60 day money back guarantee. It's been 50 days and I will be sending back whatever is left. Does.....Not.....Work. I can see now how they fake people out by making it look like it improved their neck and jaw lines even tho they say they photographed people at the same angle. All you have to do is move your head directly back while keeping your neck still and you will look worse. Move your head forward without moving your neck and instantly your jawline and neck look way better. Nice trick! And deceptive. Back in the mail it goes.

  • K. Key - I DO NOT recommend that anyone use this product. FRAUDULENT

    Do NOT give this company your financial information. I cancelled my 30 day trail after 7 days, returned the unused portion, and they still charged me! My bank has marked them as fraud so that they are unable to illegally charge me again. Thank goodness that I retained the email of cancellation; otherwise, I would of been out $189.00.

  • Zack - A bit too much girth for my taste

    This mat is seriously thick. Like, it's like doing yoga on top of a stack of cardboard boxes. If you're into that... then that's probably a good thing. I like to feel the studio I'm paying so much to visit.

  • Nick T. - Fun for the kids and nice disco effect.

    Set this up on a family get together and the kids loved it. Worked as advertised, but when I got it the plastic lens/cover was off. 2 tabs keep it held in so i just snapped it back together. Hard to tell when the lights go to the beat of the music though. They do give off enough light to use on a festive occasion with some ambient lighting in the room. Wish it had a longer cord and switch but that would probably make the cost higher.