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The Long Beach BBQ Festival - Sea Festival Rainbow Lagoon Southern California - All You Can Eat Ribs - KCBS BBQ Competition - Lucille's Smokehouse Barb-B-Que - Queen Mary - Welcome to the official website of Long Beach BBQ Festival of Southern California. The Long Beach BBQ Festival is the largest three day BBQ Extravaganza featuring the WORLD'S BEST BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork, Tri-tip, Sausages, Chicken and more. BBQ Pitmaster Competition as seen on Food Network. The competition is fierce and the flavors rich as National Award Winning Rib Cookers of America and local grillers produce the best that their secret recipes have to offer. We combine local and nationally known bands, the BEST BBQ IN TOWN, giant food court, children's area (including bounces, magicians, and storytellers) and stage, dance floor, arts and crafts, cantinas (serving water, beer, wine, liquor drinks — the screaming cowboy and margaritas, to create largest BBQ extravaganza, right here in Southern California.

Country:, North America, US

City: -118.8188 California, United States

  • Tina Rushfield - and broke out in a horrible red red rash the minute i went in the ...

    Did not buy from amazon, but used it once, and broke out in a horrible red red rash the minute i went in the sun later the next day . Not sure what's in in to cause this, but just a word of warning . Will not use again, have given it to my neighbor.

  • Jay H. Colborn - No jazzy taste like the various mouthwashes

    This is different from what one would expect. No jazzy taste like the various mouthwashes, but seems to do the job well. We are sold on biotene products.

  • Bob Konrardy - humidity montor

    My wife and I were continually shocking each other so I bought a cool mist humidifier. The monitor now helps me keep the moisture in our house to where it should be, Now the spark between us is just from being married 46 years.

  • Barbara - I like it

    We have been using the camera now for a few weeks to mostly record my daughter's HS soccer games and other children and family performances and outings. It has worked wonderfully so far. The zoom works well for me. I have only used it on a monopod/tripod, so I cannot say how well the stability control works when using it in your hand

  • JuicyFruit1913 - Could be better...great concept just missing key components!

    I love the planner concept. It just really needs a monthly view. While I was aware of this not being a feature when I ordered. I still don't like that the week continues on into the next month. This could be done so much better! 😩😩😩 Also, the pages are not thick so a marker will bleed...even those papermate marker pens bleed through. The best thing I could find was colored pencils...

  • Riley - Good Product, Pump Could be a Bit Stronger, Though

    I've had these bags for a while and finally dug into my closet to pack up blankets, which is what I purchased this produce for. I had more than enough different sizes for my needs with several left over that I haven't used yet. They provide a hand pump to suck the air out of the bags, which I actually like, as I don't have a canister vacuum. They are thick bags and the pump does get the excess air out and doesn't take long at all.

  • Rahkia Waleruis - Works great for seasonal allergies and I don't have to worry ...

    Works great for seasonal allergies and I don't have to worry about putting garbage into my system to feel better. I love that it is a natural product made by a great company. I can't go through an allergy season without it!