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  • J. Alabama - Great product!

    Cover looks great and works great. It's a genuine GM part. The product came as promise, on time and well packaged.

  • Suzanne Martin - Okay but not a great option

    I started this program because a friend lost 40 lbs on it and I was excited about Facebook posts that said it is very effective for the midsection. I'll admit that I had a hard time following it to a T. I'm a busy professional and I think changing your habits over night is a bit challenging. I will say that I did dramatically change my habits overall but I did not full eliminate things like wine and cheese. I would say I followed it 75%. While I fit into my pants a bit more easily, I did not loose any weight per se and this is an expensive program. Also in terms of ingredients, they are good but if you do your research. There are healthier and cheaper options. I'm going to try vegansmart after this. Like Isagenix, the shakes are tasty but better ingredients. It is also half the price of Isagenix. Btw the cleanse day drinks do not taste good, cold robituson is a good description but it is not utterly disgusting.

  • Amazon Customer - Otherwise I love the product

    Wish there was a workout video that came with it. Otherwise I love the product. I've only had it 2 weeks and it's already getting easier! I definitely feel it in my abs and hips the next day! Can't wait to see some results.

  • Peggy Hill - Second year using this.

    I tried taking the recommended dose and it did nothing for me, so I only take 3 now at bedtime, and I go to the bathroom in the morning with no trouble or any type of pain. If I don't take the pills, I just can't go.

  • Katie L. - AVAST

    best anti-virus I've ever used including ones I've had to pay for. All my friends even the ones who do IT work on computers recommend this program. It has found all the viruses and spy ware on my computers regardless of Operating System. I also use it to protect my mobile devices.

  • GOKarasuno - Works well on adult body acne!

    This product is amazing! HOWEVER, I used it for BODY ACNE (and not for baby diaper rashes). I am one of those adults that have had acne their whole life. On the face AND body. I finally went to the doctor for my acne and they gave me prescription stuff that worked wonders for my face, but not for the body (they said it would be ok to use for the body, it wasn't!) I am always searching online for ways to get rid of body acne, because it does seem like my body reacts to different acne products than the skin on my face. Well I came upon an article recommended the Weleda diaper cream for acne. I bought it the next day and have been using for the last two months. The acne on my back has cleared up! I shower with a gentle cleanser (cetaphil body wash for eczema) and scrub my back with a soft exfoliant brush. After drying off I apply a generous layer of this stuff on my back, let it "settle" for a few minutes before putting on my clothes. I bought this thing on Amazon where you put lotion or whatever on it and you can reach your back (lifesaver!) Usually after I shower I'm just putting Pjs on after so I don't worry about the stuff getting on my clothes. Anyway, this stuff worked for my back acne, something I thought I'd have to live with forever!! I tried using it as a spot treatment on my face, and for me, it wasn't as effective as for my back, but it did dry up the zit quite a bit...Anyway, sorry this wasn't a review for baby bums!

  • Mike M. - Massive Crash and No Energy Boost at All.

    I read the reviews here and hoped for the rush of energy some reviewers had. Unfortunately I didn't feel a thing. In fact, my response to it was the opposite. When taking this at 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the afternoon I would crash hard. I mean I was barely able to concentrate on work I was so tired. Went to bed early every night as well. My wife was shocked.