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Medical Services & Surgery Information: Mansion House Surgery - Mansion House Surgery is a General Practice Doctors Surgery providing Healthcare in Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8YE.

  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/appointments/booking/ How to Book or Cancel your Appointment: Mansion House Surgery - Instructions on how to book your appointment with the Doctor, Nurse or other Healthcare professional. Also includes appointment cancellations, urgent appointments, consultation times and telephone consultations.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/appointments/dental-appointments/ Dental Appointments: Mansion House Surgery - If you have an urgent dental problem such as toothache or a dental abscess you should see a dentist not your GP.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/urgent-problems/ Urgent Problems & Out of Hours: Mansion House Surgery - What to do if your have an urgent problem or a Medical Emergency and how to contact your Doctor in and out of hours. Remember, You should call the NHS 111 service if you need medical help fast, but it’s not a 999 emergency.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/patient-registration/ Registering with Us: Mansion House Surgery - How to register as a permanent or temporary patient at the practice. Also includes our practice catchment area.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/prescriptions/ Prescriptions: Mansion House Surgery - Repeat Medication Prescriptions - Methods available for ordering your Repeat Medication from the surgery.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/clinics-and-services/ Clinics and Services: Mansion House Surgery - Information on the Practice Medical Clinics and Services that are available at Mansion House Surgery.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/travel-health-immunisations/ Travel Health & Immunisations: Mansion House Surgery - Nurse led Travel & Vaccinations Clinic, includes access to our Travel Risk Assessment Application.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/change-of-details/ Change of Contact Details: Mansion House Surgery - How to inform the Practice of a patient change of address, telephone number etc.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/smoking-status/ Smoking Status: Mansion House Surgery - Smoking - To help us update your patient medical records, we would be grateful if you would complete our smoking status form.
  • http://www.mansionhousesurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/blood-pressure-charts/ Blood Pressure Charts: Mansion House Surgery - Blood Pressure Charts - This is used to send us the readings you have collected from your Home Blood Pressure machine.

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  • criddybug - Fillers?

    I have to agree with other customer reviews about the unnecessary fillers added to this product. Maltodextrin may have been used for those avoiding gluten-free free products but for those avoiding sugars (artificial and or GMO sugars) in this product may not want to use this product. You may ask why would you (myself) buy this product with this knowledge? Well I'll tell you why, I'm looking for a product that will help me with my circulation that has better benefits that outweigh the risks of other blood thinners like warfarin, xarelto, or heparin. I left off one star for the unwanted fillers but, I must say for my use, the product has been successful. My heart rate has came down some and my urinary tract has been working more smoothly than usual. This company may come out with another formulation with different fillers for different users and if so I'd give 5 stars! Many thanks and blessings.

  • Philip Schlesinger - This is a downgrade for many users seeking CRM capability

    It is now well documented that Outlook 2010 no longer tracks tasks and journal entries under the activities section of a contact. This is one of the greatest CRM features available in earlier verision of Outlook, allowing users to track phone calls, meetings, tasks, emails, etc., in one window pane for every contact. Whether this a known bug they are going to fix or a change by design that they are not going to fix is completely unclear. The responses from Microsoft are inconsistent according to those who have logged help requests and posted their experiences on forums. Is the elimination of CRM like features in Outlook 2010 a cynical ploy to convert/force users to Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2011 (at $44/user/month)?

  • Dustin Schroeder - Saves your carpets/rugs!

    We gave 4 stars as it took multiple applications to fully remove the cat urine odor in our area rug, however it was definitely worth it as it saved a fairly new $500 rug. There was one additional instance of one of our cats urinating on the rug again, so we worried the chemicals in out that were supposed to act as a deterrent weren't working. However after cleaning the last mess, there have been no more incidents. Yay!

  • Edna Duren - Refund

    I need to get a refund for the download. For some reason I am having problems opening the download. I have ordered these before and did not have any problems. Sorry but I could not find where I could submit this except for here.

  • Karen Goodman - This is an amazing product. The first time I used my mouth ...

    This is an amazing product. The first time I used my mouth felt like I had a dental visit. It felt cleaner and my teeth have gotten whiter. I know dentists do not approve but my mouth tells me otherwise. I have very sensitive teeth and this product has helped me tremendously.