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  • Tyler - GREAT

    This games is amazing, cool, and fun good job I love this game because u get to shot deer wolf's and buy different guns and upgrade

  • B. White - Not ready for mainstream!!

    I did the upgrade based on the reviews on this site. However, after downloading this update my quicken account has crashed and frozen and been inoperable for the past five days. I have been in contact with support and they are working on it.. I have uninstalled this program and reinstalled my prior version for the time being... Hope they figure out the issues!!!

  • karideluna - Dancing Dancing Dancing!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this game, it has improved in so many ways! It was worth the wait! I enjoy msot of the dances on here and I enjoy the stage mode! I was extremely happy to receive free downloads form this game you get Katy perry's roar and also bonus Avitar cards for owning all the other just dance games!!! I enjoy the sweat mode and the fact that i can pick and make my own work out!! Omg and the motivation when I am competing with others around the world! I most definitely recommend this game to all ages!

  • E. Shin - Too Expensive... Numerous Weeds and almost No Grass

    I attempted to grow this seed on a large portion of my front yard along with Seedranch Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass seed. Unfortunately, the results were rather poor. Almost all weeds. I ended up killing all the weeds over a large part of my lawn with Round-Up and starting over with a generic (and significantly cheaper) grass seed from Lowe's. That grass seed started to germinate within one week and is growing strong. Granted, I planted Jonathan Green and Seedranch in April/May. The Lowe's brand was planted in September, so the seasons may make a significant difference.

  • Frank Montaniz - Add a star if you're a beginner

    I've been using this product for years and while it has slowly evolved to its current features and benefits list, its fundamental flaws persist. First, though, the benefits. The newest and most important feature is "tree synching," which allows you keep your ancestry.com family tree synchronized with information you manage on your PC. And by information, I mean, just about anything: facts, sources, documents, photos, etc.

  • T140-Frank - Strengthen your Core

    The flex-belt has tricked many people with all the high dollar advertisements Slender Tone produced using fitness models. The flex belt is not a weight loss product and many people purchased this device thinking the weight would just fall off by wearing it. Having said that, the belt does serve a purpose. I bought my belt do to having 3 ruptured disk in my lower back (got hurt in the service), with my bad back and that extra 40 lbs. I packed on I always had back pain. The best way to get rid of back pain I found out is to strengthen the core, that means the stomach and lower back. Having said that, at this point in my life I was sleeping in a bathtub of hot water a night do to horrible back pain, as you can imagine I really couldn't hit the gym and do stomach and back exercises. I started wearing the belt twice a day for about two months, in addition to the belt I also purchased a set of gravity boots and inverted myself once a day. During this period I started to change the way I eat, not really a diet but more a life style change. The belt never made me loose any weight, but it did strengthen my core which in turn made my back hurt less. This was two years ago, since I started this whole experiment I have now lost 35lbs and continue to use the belt when I'm at work typing at my desk all day. My back pain is about 98% gone and I attribute a lot of this directly to the belt. Oh course a lot has to due to the weight I loss also.

  • Amazon Customer - Good price, works well

    Turned out to actually be very easy to install and has been working great so far for several weeks. Hardest part of the install was finding a place to mount the unit under the dash where it wouldent get in the way. Great value for the price