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Martek Marine | Innovative Ship Solutions - Welcome to Martek Marine, a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of marine equipment - we're dedicated to making your fleet compliant with marine regulations.

  • https://www.martek-marine.com/about-us About Us | Martek Marine - Martek Marine make it their mission to make every ship as safe as possible, while understanding your needs to operate profitable and competitive margins. Learn more about us here!
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/navigation Marine Navigation Systems | Martek Marine - There is easier, and more compliant, ways to navigate the high seas and at Martek Marine you will find them. Learn more about our ECDIS product.
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/iecdis-electronic-chart-display-and-information-system-ecdis iECDIS™ - Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) - iECDIS™ is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System MED approved by Det Norske Veritas
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/icharttm-electronic-chart-service iCHART™ - Electronic Chart Service | Martek Marine - iCHART™ is the electronic chart service from Martek Marine covering charts (both private and ENC), chart overlays for improved navigation decisions, navigational planning tools and voyage / vessel optimisation.
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/health-safety Health & Safety and Crew Welfare | Martek Marine - As your ship is a dangerous place, crew welfare onboard is very important. Health & Safety products online at Martek Marine help you protect easily.
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/ivitaltm-marine-telemedicine iVital™ - Marine Telemedicine | Martek Marine - Rent the first marine telemedicine unit iVital from its creators, Martek Marine. Start your discussion today to save you money on unnecessary medivacs.
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/narcoscreentm-drug-testing-kit Narcoscreen™ - Drug Testing Kit | Martek Marine - Narcoscreen™ is an on-board drug screening kit that uses saliva swabs for quick and easy on-the-spot results.
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/ammonia Ammonia - <p>Protect your crew, vessels, and cargo by ensuring your gas detection equipment is regularly - and accurately - calibrated. Without regular calibration your equipment may not detect dangerous levels of ammonia - and then you're really in trouble.</p><
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/butane Butane - <p>When you use our calibration gas you're guaranteed compatibility. If you're not sure whether our butane calibration gas cylinders will fit with your current equipment, give us a call! We'll work with you to make sure you have the right conversion regul
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/carbon-monoxide Carbon Monoxide - <p>Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous killer on-board ships - with no smell, it's difficult to detect until it's too late. Make sure your personal gas detection equipment is fully calibrated at all times to prevent accidental carbon monoxide deaths on your ve
  • https://www.martek-marine.com/chlorine Chlorine - <p>Have you ever come out of a swimming pool with red itchy eyes and a sore throat? Somebody was too heavy on the chlorine levels. Imagine that on a much, much bigger scale and the implications of unsafe chlorine gas levels on-board your vessel become cle

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  • Steven R. Ballard - Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

    Having been a S&T user for years I mainly upgraded for a new map update. The software has some new features and abilities from the previous A few of icons have been changed and I wished they had just left them as before. It's a I don't wanna change aor learn new stuff thing. Software is quick and responsive. I use the laptop gps in my motor home as it is large screen and easy. Also I can download into my Garmin unit also. The M&S makes trips easy to route.

  • domingo - Real heavy bass songs can get some distortion at full blast but for most is awesome! People can hear me coming from over 100 ...

    Loud, I was looking for a speaker that was louder than my 7 watt BT to overcome wind noise from drowning out Pandora when riding my mountain bike, mounted on my handlebar and this one did the trick! Real heavy bass songs can get some distortion at full blast but for most is awesome! People can hear me coming from over 100 yards. Love it when people stare, amazed by the loud sound lol

  • Swann - Causes breakouts

    I am a 27 year old woman with combo skin and prone to acne. these pills make me break out. I bought a bottle from costco a year ago and started getting more acne so I stopped taking these. A few weeks ago at costco I saw they have a gummy version of this supplement. I tried a sample and it was so yummy, but I thought maybe I should finish the ones I have at home before I buy the gummies. I had forgotten why I had stopped taking them. After taking these for just 3 days, I started getting those big pimples with no head so you cant pop them. And I was getting them in unusual places like the bridge of my nose inbetween my eyes and on my forehead. Typically I only breakout on my cheeks now. I stopped taking it and lo and behold, break outs are gone. This brand gives me weird results. I took another brand of this type of supplement before and it worked a lot better

  • Christina - Great gift idea!

    Awesome, just like the first! My niece loved the paperback books, but this is something her & her friends lives thumbing through. They also treat it with more care.

  • Paul Winum - Highly recommended!

    This is an important work for both men and women in the workplace to read and take in. Kudos to Joann and the executive women who contributed their stories who remind us to think about the ways we interact with the people we work with and to examine the messages we send both verbally and non-verbally. Recommended highly!

  • Trouty - Tokidoki carseat a good buy for the long haul.

    We agonized over whether to get the Foonf or the Fllo are pleased with our Fllo--we don't think we missed out on anything besides the added weight and more rigid installation. It's easy to get our baby in and out (we installed when she was 7 months and expect to use this seat until she's 4). Installation was relatively simple and the crypton fabric wears like a charm!