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Maryland Vision Institute - Maryland Vision Institute (Formerly Bergman Eye Center) is the premiere Ophthalmology practice in Western Maryland.

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  • GK1984 - I have been using Kaspersky for years and is the ...

    I have been using Kaspersky for years and is the only Internet Security software I will use! I've fixed too many people's PCs from people that used other popular anti-virus and internet security software. Kaspersky just works! It prevents malware from making it to my PC, it's invisible, and I've seen minimal infections from my PC since using it.

  • resonableshoelover - one of the best!

    I tried many do-at-home straighteners, and this was one of the best. My hair is wavy which is fine and fun in dry air, whereas in summer and rain it is all about frizz, frizz and frizz and miserable. This product does not make my hair flat boring straight but manageble, shiny, chasing away frizz! No damage was done. It is a bit more expensive than other products found at drug stores, but I am going back to this. It is worth it.

  • Hoyt Holland - Mini Tek is a great help for me.

    I love my Mini Tek! It bluetooths with my samsung and my multi-line phone at work. The sound is so much better thru the hearing aids. The TV streaming is also a great help so I can distinguish what is said without asking my wife "What did they say?" I think mine work so well because the autologist I have did a great job of programing them. I have the Mini Tek paired with Semens water proof hearing aids and they are the best I've ever had. Been wearing hearing aids for 15 years.

  • Cookie - doesn't work!!!!

    I tried this product on a minor scratch and it just doesn't work!!! The scratch didn't get any worse but it didn't get any better either... waste of money!

  • BlackCoffee - What Happen to Acronis?

    I used TI 2009 under Vista x64 and it worked well. Now, I have migrated to Windows 7 and neither TI 2009 or my upgrade to TI 2010 work. I basically handed Acronis $30.00 and got nothing for it. If you have any doubt, go to the Acronis Forum under support. It is not just a few, loud people. It is long time users that have tried extreme work arounds to get the product working with no success. As of right now, build 6029 is junk and does not work in Windows 7.

  • mike ger - Good price, and 4 month supply in one box ...

    Not really sure if it is necessary to use Rid-X but use it monthly hoping it works as advertised. Good price, and 4 month supply in one box is a plus. But a little hard to judge how much to use each treatment.