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  • NewYorkGirl - Best Sugar Scrub Product out there!

    Saw Lani on Shark Tank and her product caught my attention. In winter my legs are so dry and itchy that no amount of even medicated lotion helps with the dryness and itch. Plus, most sugar scrubs have too much oil in them for my prefence and some (Fresh "Sugar" products) are too expensive. Just received the coconut scrub - wonderful scent, definately smells like you are in the Islands and not too sweet. Since its late in the day I decided to test on my hands since they are also prone to extreme dryness, especiallly my cuticles. OMG - this stuff works great, not as abrasive as a salt scrub, just enought oil and at first I thought too greasy (ugh) but when I rinsed and dried my hands they were very soft and my cuticles - completely cleaned up! The scrub exfoliated the dry cuticles and they are nice and moisturized now. I should get a jar just for home manicures! Can't wait to try on my legs in the shower in the AM. Great product - Thank You Lani! I will be ordering more.....

  • Claude M. King - Does what it says

    Pretty much does what it says. However if you've got heavy black mold it will take time for it to work like more than 30 days, and it won't get it all with a single application. I will use it as a preventative and on stuff where strong bleach will harm the surface, and as a pre treatment for power washing

  • Kindle Customer - If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your ...

    Mike is right, drink water! Lots of it! I drink 32 oz before I take it in the morning and another 32 oz within an hour of taking it! I've also noticed the least amount of side effects if I use the restroom prior to taking it. If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your dosage! Not drinking A TON of water has resulted in nausea, an upset stomach, and feelings of lethargy for me! Stay SUPER hydrated guys! Always listen to your body, everybody is different.

  • Barbara Cheney - Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover ...

    I have some severe hard water and calcium deposits on the bathtub in my apartment. This product has not removed the problem entirely but has come a long way in getting it clean. Now I feel like I am getting into a reasonably clean shower. Even straight bleach has not helped as much as CLR. I am going to use the soray bottle form daily.