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  • C. Hayward - Cooking Light

    It's great to have Cooking Light on my Kindle! It's so much easier than using the magazine. Less messy--don't you think!

  • fnxyb - Never Again

    I bought this because I thought I could trust Intel and this is 'an Intel company.' Nope. Not again. I bought the one for three computers. Great price. It loaded correctly on only one of my computers, and when I sought some tech support, I ended up talking to IYogi in India. After an hour and a quarter, all I had was a high pressure sales attempt and a feeling of vulnerability because I had allowed them access to my computer. Of the six 'problems' they found on my computer I checked after I finally got off the phone, and at least three were not a problem at all. They wanted $199 to 'fix' the one computer and download McAfee for me. What a deal! It took me 15 minutes to convince the person on the other end of the line that I wasn't ready to commit. Once off the phone, I checked with a tech savvy friend who said to dump McAfee and get Kaspersky, so that's what I did. The result was that I paid $20 for a lesson in why not to ever buy or trust McAfee. Now I have Kaspersky on all three computers, and my brief, 2 day, run-in with McAfee is a sad and bitter memory. I've never given a single star before, but there is a first time for anything. Hope this saves others from making the same mistake that I made.

  • Sarah - Works Wonders

    LOVE! I've battled constant bad breath for over 10 years. I've had my tonsils removed because my dentist thought my tonsil stones could be causing the foul odor, wisdom teeth removed(which are known to harbor bacteria) and a back molar that had 2 bad root canals done on it. But still my bad breath continued. Tried everything under the sun! SmartMouth, regular mouth wash, flossing, tongue scraping,...My dentist said I had great oral hygiene. Even my teeth are pearly white! THIS works! Over the years I've gotten excited about a product and let down so I would just quit trying to mask my bad breath all together, I recently had a customer tell me that my breath stunk :( So I got on a kick again to try SOMETHING.ANYTHING. It's humilating! I used this before bed because I've noticed over the past month my bad breath has been horrible at night and it worked wonders! you can tell it kills the sulfer compounds and gases causing the foul odor. I watched a clip on the doctors tv show about this product. If you suffer from bad breath, give it a try!

  • Angie - Takes perspiration BO smells out of clothing

    I don't have kids or pets. But I have used Kids n Pets for about 8 years and it always comes through (wine in light carpet, blueberries on light carpeting).