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  • Tom Ruane - A book that will make you more interesting

    As a long-time subscriber to Dan Lewis' wonderful daily email, I wasn't sure I needed to buy this book, but I sure am glad I did. There is a lot of material in it that I had never seen before (and I spend quite a bit of time reading his online archives). The articles are fascinating and cover a broad range of subjects, from the story about the fan who convinced Charles Schultz to kill off a Peanuts characters, to the two Soviets who each, more than twenty years apart, probably avoided World War Three.

  • Graeme Williamson - Hallmark and Amazon review

    I found it easy to use the only thing I found most annoying, was not being able to copy the address's to the envelope's other than that I would recommend it to anyone and thank you Amazon for your prompt efficient service.

  • Amazon Fanatic - Awesome!

    I absolutely love this tumbler. The 30 oz. is perfect. It comes with a wonderful stainless steel straw and an extra lid. One lid has a slider that closes off the opening making it spill resistant. It works just as well as a Yeti and costs less. I did a test to determine the performance of this tumbler when compared to a Yeti of the same size. The hot liquid test proved that this tumbler will hold the temperature as efficiently as a Yeti brand tumbler. The ending temperature was within a degree of the other. I put coffee in this tumbler before I leave for work at 6:40 A.M. every morning. I have a break at 10:00 A.M. when I finish drinking my coffee. The coffee is still very warm. I cannot drink cold coffee. I can even finish drinking any remaining coffee at 3:00 P.M. it remains warm enough after all this time has passed. The cold liquid test with ice proved this tumbler's ability to keep cold temperatures as efficiently as a Yeti. Both tumblers had the same amount of ice remaining the next morning. I also use one of these tumblers to fix me ice water in the morning before going to work. I add water to it all day as I drink my daily quota of water. I add ice when I get home about 4:00 P.M., drink water the remaining of the evening and I still have ice the next morning. I simply add more ice and the process continues. I would recommend this product to anyone, and I will buy more in the future. I received this item at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. I take pride in providing honest review because I use reviews when buying anything. I trust the reviews I read and hope others trust my reviews. Please rate this review as helpful if it provided any information that allowed you to make your decision in buy or not buying this product. Thank you for reading my review.

  • Anna L. Campbell - Good tasting

    I still have more than a week to go I am enjoying the tea and the company was prompt in delivering it. It tastes great, not medicinal.

  • TDavidRoper - Gutter relief from Leaves

    I was looking for a good leaf shield for my gutters. I live in the south of the USA so leaves and pine needles are the norm.