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Boehringer Ingelheim - Value Through Innovation - Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world's leading research-driven pharmaceutical companies with 130 years of experience.

  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/press/all-press-releases Boehringer Ingelheim Press Releases - Find the latest press releases from Boehringer Ingelheim on animal health, prescription medicine, pipeline and corporate news.
  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/who-we-are/vision Value Through Innovation is Our Corporate Vision - Boehringer Ingelheim objectives and beliefs can be summed up in a single phrase: Value through Innovation, the central concept of our corporate vision.
  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/who-we-are/history History of Boehringer Ingelheim - From its beginnings in 1885 when it employed just 28 people in Nieder-Ingelheim, Boehringer Ingelheim has since become a global enterprise.
  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/who-we-are/sustainability Boehringer Ingelheim Susatainability - Our commitment to sustainability involves safeguarding our employees and facilities, conserving natural resources and promoting environmental awareness.
  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/who-we-are/corporate-citizenship Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Citizenship - At Boehringer Ingelheim, corporate citizenship is an integral part of our corporate culture, our activities emanate from country operating units.
  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/press/news The Latest News from Boehringer Ingelheim - Journalists can access the latest news from Boehringer Ingelheim that covers research, pipeline and products for the therapy areas we work across.
  • http://www.metalyse.com.au/news/annual_press_conference Boehringer Ingelheim Annual Report & Press Conference - Boehringer Ingelheim presents the results of business development and gives an outlook for the coming year at the Annual Press Conference in April.

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  • The Suburban Eclectic - Aromatherapy EO

    I love this scent and use it strictly for aromatherapy. Also, works great for smelly boys shoes. I like that it comes in a dark bottle. I like the convenience of the dropper, but would prefer a reduced flow stopper, but still it works for me.

  • Jen152638 - Great bag, a little too small

    Great bag. Roomy, minimal (but adequate) organizational pockets, and quality construction. The only reason I don't rate it 4 stars is that it is too small for textbooks. Wide enough and deep enough, but I can't close the flap over my 3-ring binder, even if I extend the compression straps. Also, the cam buckle is difficult to maneuver. Disappointing purchase, but not a deal breaker. I will just save it for those occasions with smaller books, etc.

  • Reader and Smiler - Simply awful.

    We purchased this unit from a local authorized dealer, had it professionally installed and setup. It worked for 9 months, and now has been non working for 9 months. Hundreds in service calls, as they only cover parts. The Navien techs just play a guessing and blame game. The latest is, "Your plumber gave us the wrong gas flow readings, those are not the ones we needed"...Our plumber was on the phone with Navien giving them exactly what they asked for. Then Navien sent a new mother board. Why did they ask for the wrong readings, then send a new mother board based on those readings? Since the mother board didn't fix the problem, it's our plumbers fault for the readings he gave that they asked for? They have sent so many new parts trying to guess why it won't work...JUST REPLACE THE UNIT-TAKE THIS DEFECTIVE ONE BACK, or gasp, refund our original purchase price so we can buy a unit that actually will work!!!