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  • Mark Rothfuss - I thought these would be great, however they are just terrible they would constantly ...

    I thought these would be great,however they are just terrible they would constantly go in out ,they turned themselves off while listening to music with a full charge and I constantly had to repair the earbuds to my phone via the Bluetooth when they did play they sounded decent. I personally would never buy again and would urge others to look elsewhere.

  • Maltiece O'Neal El - This new BCAA is simply amazing. The taste is perfect and it does not ...

    First word that comes to mind when I think about this product is WOW! This new BCAA is simply amazing. The taste is perfect and it does not give you dry mouth like a lot of other BCAA products will. This my new favorite BCAA product by MusceTech, i just wish it came out sooner. As far as performance, which is most important, MyoBuild gave me that extra emph to continue through my workout at a high level of energy instead of feeling depleted. I do like the adding of electrolytes for hydration as well. I also noticed I was able to stay strong and push more weights as the workout went on. I will be buying this for now on as much as i can! Seriously!