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  • Jana - Don't Waste Your Time (and Money)

    Each year I do my own taxes and I have gone back and forth between H&R Block and TurboTax. I went with H&R Block this year due to the price (I paid only $21.99 for the Deluxe + State version). Boy, I will NEVER do this again.

  • Allen - it was fun, even then

    A few years ago, Ubisoft saw a gap in the music-game genre. Sure, it was fun, even then, to hear some of your favorite songs while you bash away on plastic buttons. But there was something missing. No one knew how to really play the songs after they walked away from the plastic controllers.

  • behrman bee - Worked for me

    Had a slight bladder problem for a few days so decided to order this. Drank lots of water & took one each day & I was fine within a few days. Now I take one every other day & have had no bladder problems.

  • Brian brayton - Do NOT buy!!

    Very unhappy !!! Had it installed and now removing!! It maxes out your upper balljoints. Also your alignment can never be made proper. It's exceeds the alignment capabilities. The front wheels Tippin on the top. Also the half shafts are at such an angle that they bind. Also the provided you bolts are not long enough! When you add the lift the block.I had to have custom ones made. For almost as much as the entire lift kit cost. Would not recommend!! Wish I never wasted the money on it and to have it installed and removed.

  • Donald Sauls - Doesn't work

    Ordered this for my 2007 Acadia. Doesn't screw all the down flush to mounting bracket and still have static on my radio. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Chris - It's not bad at all

    People want to jump on the bandwagon and bash this guy without actually listening to his album. It's not bad at all. Give it a shot.