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About - OFMI - Organization for Minorities of India was founded in 2006 to advance individual liberties of Christians, Buddhists, Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs, and all Mulnivasi people of South Asia by encouraging secularism, progressive human rights, liberation of oppressed peoples, and universal human dignity.

  • http://www.minoritiesofindia.org/gandhis-sexual-abuse-of-grandnieces/ Gandhi, Known as "Father of India," Sexually Abused His Grandnieces - Mohandas Gandhi took a celibacy vow, which he publicly held for years, but privately his close associates documented that he conducted regular "celibacy tests," especially with two teenage grandnieces under his guardianship.
  • http://www.minoritiesofindia.org/gandhi-spreads-racial-hatred-of-africans/ Gandhi Spreads Racial Hatred of Africans - Gandhi was passionately prejudiced towards black Africans, as clearly displayed by his own writings over his 21-year stint in Gandhi's writings during his 20 years in South Africa

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  • UncleSnake - This one is a keeper.

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  • Win2000 - Doesn't Work With My Two Speed AC

    I ordered this from Amazon with the anticipation of easily hooking it up...unfortunately, it doesn't work with my dual speed air conditioner. Spoke to the company and they said maybe in the near future they would make some changes so it will work. I would think that a company that puts themselves out there as very up to date on the technology would have a thermostat that would work on all kinds of AC handlers. Another company, Ecobee, has a smart WI-FI thermostat that can be connected to a two stage handler such as mine---if they can make one work that way I don't understand why NEST can't. Anyway, as far as coolness, the NEST is much cooler looking. For not being up to date on this technology, I give the product only 2 stars.

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