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Mitral Valve Prolapse or Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome? - The Society for MVP Syndrome is a nonprofit,charitable organization. Co-founders Jim, Cheryl and Bonnie Durante. Were dedicated to educating and support patients with mitral valve prolapse syndrome. Link to Cheryls and Jims story. The Dream TEam of MVPS/D DVD

  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/symptoms.html major and minor symptoms of MVPS - A list of major and minor symptoms that can affect people with mitral valve prolapse syndrome. Also a list of disorders that are often associated with MVP Syndrome
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/ourbook.html "The Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome/Dysautonomia Survival Guide" - Written by MVPS patients, Jim, Cheryl, and Bonnie Durante, Co-founders of The Society for MVPS, John Furiasse, M.D. Forward written by Phillip Watkins, Director of The MVP Center, Alabama. Chapter titles: How dysautonomia affects your life, panic attacks, medications to avoid, personal stories etc.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/cherylsstory.html My success story with MVPS - Cheryl talks about being a chronic worrier, what led to her diagnosis. What she had to do to get better through diet and lifestyle changes. And how she and her family started
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/jimmysstory.html personal experience with MVPS - The personal story of one of the founders of The Society for MVPS. How his chldhood was effected and what he had to do to get well. This all led to his passion to helping others with mitral valve prolapse syndrome.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/theprolapsepersonality.html You are not alone - Explantion of the personality of the person with mitral valve prolapse syndrome. The many symptoms that an MVPS patient may experience. We will tell you about yourself. How you feel physically, and mentally. Also the positive part of having MVPS.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/anxietypanicdisorder.html The different types of anxiety disorders - Anxiety, panic disorder and other anxiety disorders are very common in patients with mitral valve prolapse. Disorders can make a person become phobic and agoraphobic, not wanting to leave their home. List the different types of disorders and explain biochemical changes
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/depression.html A common problem with MVPS patients is depression - About 70 percent of people with mitral valve prolapse syndrome suffer from depression, mood swings, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder. These people show an abnormal rise in a brain chemical and an imbalance in serotonin. various treatment are explained.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/qadrwatkins.html Ask Dr. Watkins - The page is a list of questions and answers. Answerd by Phillip C Watkins, director of The MVP Center, Birmingham, Alabama. You can send in your questions to the doctor here. Dr. Watkins is
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/resources.html Help for MVP Syndrome Patients - A list of resources for people with mitral valve prolapse syndrome. MVP Centers, web sites, literature and books. Educational and support information.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/whatismvpmvpsd.html The difference between MVP and MVP Syndrome - Explanation of mitral valve prolapse and mitral valve prolapse syndrome. Common triggering events, things to avoid and list of disorders that often overlap with MVP Syndrome and dysautonomia.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/messageboardchatroom.html new message boards and chat room for MVPS patients - Our message board will let you know that you are not alone. Our chat room will let you communicate with others who are going through the same symptoms you are experiencing. This can reassure you and help you see how others deal with their symptoms. It may also give you information about doctors who are treating MVPS. There is nothing like talking to other MVPS patients.
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/whatisdysautonomia.html Symptoms associated with MVP Syndrome/Dysautonomia - Explanation of the central nervous system imbalance and the symptoms it can cause. Written by Richard O Russell, Jr, M.D.,F.A.C.C.. The symptoms are not coming from a prolapse dmitral valve, but dysautonomia and an excess of adrenaline
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/orderform.html MVPS resources - You may purchase our book, newsletter, Seminar DVD, Q&A with Dr. Watkins, and/or stories written by other mvps patients
  • http://www.mitralvalveprolapse.com/treatmentforpanic.html 0n-line MVP resesarch study. - Completely anonymous, confidential, study on MVP at CureTogether.com/mitral-valve-prolapse. Check off answers about symptoms and treatment.

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