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  • http://www.molecularimaging.com/our-company/ Our Company - MI Bioresearch - MI Bioresearch offers in vitro and in vivo oncology pharmacology research services and imaging systems to support your drug discovery and development programs.

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  • Beny Rodriguez - BUY THIS PRODUCT...then do what I did!!

    I combined this silencing kit with the SHURflo 182-200 Pre-Pressurized Accumulator and my water pump noise went from totally irritating to barely audible. I gained this level of performance from also remounting the pump from the side of the wall to an unmounted sheet of 12X12" half inch plywood. I then enwrapped the plywood backend with three layers of non-slip material you would buy to keep dishes from sliding around in your cabinets. The pump now just sits in the cabinet below my sink held steady by only the hoses in there. It is so quiet, it's just loud enough to know that it's working. But when you turn on the sink above it, you cannot hear hear it. You can only hear it when you turn on the sink and shower from the bath room. Yeah, it's that quiet now. BUY THIS PRODUCT and do what I did.

  • Jamie Allen - Buyers beware

    I do not recommend this company. I've been "thriving" for several months now...let me just say, the first week-two weeks you feel an abundance of energy and it almost feels like a high. After that time, you'll notice dizziness and extreme high heart rates. Super scary. I'm 27 years old and I never want to feel that way again. After the third or forth week your body starts to get used to it. You'll need coffee again, and you won't have the energy you had during the first few weeks. The patches give me a rash every time I take them off I itch like crazy. I never lost any weight (I'm pretty healthy to begin with, I weight 139) but I wanted to try it for the energy my coworker who's in her 60's had been raging about. They charge WAY too much for the product and if you don't catch your monthly auto ship in time, they charge you a 10% restocking fee. Lol. As if they don't get enough money off their crap product. Do not buy this. It is not a healthy way of living.

  • BhamJonathan - Constantly Crashing Chromebook

    When I ordered the Samsung Chromebook I knew that I was basically getting a tablet with a keyboard or a netbook as we used to call them a few years ago. WHAT I DO LIKE: The operating system is always current and being updated from behind the scenes. It's the lightest laptop I've ever used. The battery is fantastic. The keyboard layout has been great. The ability to turn it on and it's just ready to go is awesome. Surfing the web, checking email, looking at FB no problems. WHAT I HAVEN'T LIKED: Straight out of the box the Chromebook it would just reboot. I read that this is because of a Chrome OS update. There's no explanation as to what is happening it just shuts down and comes back on. It sounds bad but because it only takes about 20 seconds total for this to occur it really wasn't too much of a problem. Heck, a reboot on my PC takes a couple of minutes not 20 seconds. Then came problems with playing videos. Sometimes it's great and them sometimes I get messages that Shockwave has crashed or I need a new release of Flash Player. In both situations you have to go to settings, clear out your cache, reboot and your good to go. It's gotten to be a constant problem so much so that I wouldn't recommend it. I'm trying to work with Google support but time is running out and I'm considering returning the Chromebook for a refund.

  • David S. - Never buy anything from Element

    After less than 4 months with my Element TV, it started shutting off at random times on its own. I have been in contact with their customer support for now over 6 months and they still haven't remedied the problem. Every time I call their customer support, I end up having to wait several hours before actually reaching anyone. Some days I never even get a response. They sent a replacement part to me and have a technician come out to replace the part. After installing the part, the TV started smoking and was completely fried. To replace it, they want me to send it to them out of my own wallet (looking at almost $100 in shipping). I finally convinced a customer representative to send me a shipping label, as I should not be responsible for shipping costs, and he said it would be emailed to me that day. A week later - still waiting for it...

  • Steve Riley - Horrible software!

    Recently I changed my windows password, and that was the end of Acronis. I spent 3 hours researching and trying to get it working again to no avail. People on Acronis's forum said they'd had this same issue for years. Acronis never answers issues on their own forums! And the bug is still there. It locks up and doesn't want you to change anything at all. I finally got past that, and tried various solutions, including deleting my backup setup and reentering it, thus allowing me to enter my new password. I pressed the test button, and it said it connected. Then I tried to back it up, and it won't, invalid credentials! According to one post, I went in and deleted the saved credentials in the registry, and deleted my backup and entered in a new one again, same results. I spent many hours, all wasted on horrible software the company could care less about fixing.

  • Robert Wallace - Fantastic product

    Really love this product. It's not greasy, and is very easy to apply. Can be used for fresh tattoo after care and for keeping healed tattoos looking healthy.

  • RixCritix - Roxio has no support

    Don't buy this software unless you can solve any problems yourself. There is no support to speak of. The online support takes 3 days to get a response. Most responses require that you do all the work. The instructions they give are inadequate, incomplete and ineffective. You never get the same analyst twice. They will try to close your problem automatically within 5 days if you don't keep on them. I never got my problem solved. The software doesn't work. You're on your own.