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Mom Rising | All About Moms and Their Kids - The Toronto Blue Jays didn't figure to be World Series contenders this season according to most experts. Before regular season play began, the dominant opinion

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  • Paige RN - Great product!

    I have been an iced tea drinker for years. This product, in only four days being worn once a day as directed, has made a SIGNIFICANT difference in my teeth. I can't wait to see the final result. Additionally, these have significant staying power...no slipping and sliding like past white strip products. I have experienced sensitivity with previously used whitening products but so far only minor sensitivity experienced (not problematic). I would purchase again without hesitation!!

  • Bonnie Bliss - Teaches the RIGHT way to eat!

    I wouldn't call this an 'Diet' book, this is an educational book. It teaches how to eat and what to eat, that there are good and bad carbs, and that we NEED carbs!...and protein, and veggies, fruit,...you know...that balanced diet thing that no one gets anymore!! This book will suprise you and alarm you at the same time. The foods you thought were helping you lose weight really aren't, they may even be putting the pounds on...even to the point of threatening your health! It's worth the read and the re-read.

  • Dixie Olson - This product is a joke!

    I have spent about 3 hours of scrubbing and trying your product and it doesn't work I truly believed your claims that it would remove water stains but my shower door still looks the same...water stained and no difference whatsoever...this is an old condo and I was excited to renew the shower door but your product didn't work at all...my money with down the tube or drain as it were...