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  • Deueller - Perfect Size, lots of compliments!!

    Love this small duffle! Perfect for the gym, lined with plastic so everything stays dry if it rains. Always get compliments on it, perfect design.

  • Lana L Haynes - Interesting plot.

    Kept me reading. Now I really wonder if our criminal justice system can honestly be that cruel. I always knew I never wanted to go to jail! Puts a lawyer in a place he tried to keep his clients away from and it sure ain't pretty!!

  • D&J DeVriend - I think my acne was worse as an adult than as a teenager

    I've been using this stuff for about a year now, and it's helped tremendously with my acne. I think my acne was worse as an adult than as a teenager. At any rate, it worked where other things have not, but I will also add that I do not have sensitive skin at all. (I probably have the most insensitive skin ever. Very rude, my skin.) If you have sensitive skin, they do make a formula for you. I just can't vouch for its effectiveness.

  • Nathan S. - Great product, wish I'd known about it for my first two kids!

    Great product. Easy to use, easy to clean. One of my preemie twins ended up in the hospital with a cold and the hospital suction made her scream. We use this product before or after every feeding and she barely fidgets.

  • Marianne Snider - Love it. Excellent product that for me replaces the ...

    Love it. Excellent product that for me replaces the old vicks. Works wonders for sore muscles. Rub in at night and cover with something cotton and you will notice a true difference by morning.

  • Mary Graves - Works for me

    I would and have recommended this product for people with allergies. I have noticed less of a problem this year as allergy season for me is full blown right now. I really think it works and that's what's important.