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Morris Plains Pharmacy - Morris Plains Pharmacy is a provider of medications and pharmacy products to customers in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Country:, North America, US

City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • Donald - The weather in PA has been bad so the product remained in the box until today

    Purchased the product on the 12th of February. The weather in PA has been bad so the product remained in the box until today. I removed the spreader and attached it the the back of my ATV connected the power cable, hit the power switch, and NOTHING. The spreader was dead out of the box. Called the manufacturer (Buyers) today to get the problem resolved. The lady I spoke to was nice, but informed me that in order to receive a replacement motor, I would need to visit a certified distributor 45 minutes from where I live. Called the distributor and was told I would have to package the device up and bring it in so they could determine I was not the one who broke it. Now in order to use my new spreader, I will have to uninstall, package the spreader back up, drive it to the distributor, drive home without it, wait until they get a new motor in, install the new motor, drive back up to get it, drive back home, and install it on my ATV.

  • Renda Foster - Phenomenal

    A must read Majesty is the new book babe. Love the characters and storyline, smiling knowing that Montana and the crew is in the house .can't wait for part 2 Chrissy J fantastic job on this book.

  • karen - thrilled with price

    I have used this virus protection for years and have never gotten it for the price I paid. A real good value.It is very good software.

  • Brian - Not reliable, and no support.

    Use Caution with this product, it seems to be backing up files just fine, however the interface says my last back up is yesterday at (time) however the backup drive was been removed for 2 weeks. A quick check of the files shows no access in 2 weeks. So don't rely on the application to report when you backups took place. Paying for support is required after 30 days, the for forums don't let you post. So your on your own unless you pay per incident.

  • Walter - Excellent Review Book

    Easy to read, good questions and feedback. The book not only has questions but provides a brief review of each subject; excellent review format and nice sit down book.

  • Steven Kreschollek - Fun for Everyone!

    This game is perfect for get-together's with friends and family alike. It brings a competitive edge to a gathering, and allows for people to expand their dancing skills at the same time. There are many, many, songs to choose from so you are sure to find something you would like to dance to.