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  • Robert P. Hoeting - Got the gunk of my Stainless Steel Grill

    One of the joys of owning a stainless steel grill is how it looks on a sunny day. The problem is buildup of grease splatter over time makes it look a bit rough. I tried Dawn thinking it would gut through the grease. No Dice. Luckily I found this product on amazon and removes the grease better than any product I've tried. Simply spray it on and wait about a minute for the grime to break down, and wipe it clean. The heavily soiled spots may take a couple passes, but it'll get the job done.

  • Tommie - Worth it!!

    My mother found out she was diabetic when I was 14yrs old. She was always the "hot mom" up to this point so we were shocked when we found out that diabeties was causing her to "not feel right". Both of us were very athletic and always on the go so we had no idea how to change our diet to fit the lifestyle that she now faced. Unfortunately, she was not very successful with it and ended up gaining a LARGE amount of weight. Over the next 12yrs I watched my mother struggle to stay healthy, fight a yo-yo battle with weight-loss and watched her self-esteem hit the floor. Then, looking back on it now, a miracle happened in the worst way possible. She developed a stomach ulcer that just wouldn't heal because of her sever diabeties. Because of this ulcer my mother had to have 65% of her stomach removed. It was the scariest thing ever but a true blessing in disguse. She basically had a gastric bypass. SHe of course started to lose weight rapidly but even then her diabeties was still uncontrolled. Last year my mother called me, her voice full of concern, the doctors told her she had to get her diabeties under control or she would be dead in a year or two. I panicked! It has always been just me an my mother and I couldn't imagine losing her before her 58th birthday. I began researching diet after diet. They have a TON of diets geared just for diabetics. Don't get me wrong, many of them are great but nothing seemed to work for her. Then one day we sat down and talked about what her challenges really are in a day. We thought, "Maybe we are just looking at this at the wrong angle?". I found the Belly Fat Cure while just cruising through B & N one day and for some reason it caught my eye. I sat down in the aisle and started reading. By the time I got to the recipies I knew I had found the diet that would work for her. I bought the book and never said a word to mom. I wanted to try the diet before I tried explaining it to her. I needed to make sure it was even possible to keep up with. I was able to follow Jorge's 15/6 easier than anything I have ever done in my life. After a week it becomes almost second nature! After two weeks and 25lbs of pure garbage leaving my body, I made the call to mom. I explained the book to her, told her where to find it and paid for her to get it. This book saved my mother's life! after a month of this diet her sugar levels were under control, after 14 YEARS of struggling!!! My mother is back to her beautiful self, her self esteem has come back and now she is healthy again and able to chase her grand-kids! I highly recommend this diet for someone who loves to eat but doesn't know how to eat healthy. The recipies are easy, they taste amazing and if you can get your 15/6 down the rest is a breeze! there is no will power involved in this it is just knowing what foods will poison your body and which ones won't. Best of luck to you all!

  • HeatherP - Great Cargo bag

    This is a very large Cargo bag, we used it when we moved and it helped a lot and could really hold more than expected. It is easy to fold up and store as well. This stayes secure on top of the vehicle, I have a van and it worked great with that style vehicle. This is a great bag for travel as it would keep more room in the vehicle! This is easy access to get into when needed on the road. I highly recommend this bag to anyone that needs a cargo bag! I did receive a discount on this item for my honest and unbiased review. #CargoBag

  • Christopher D'Urbano - Great tonneau cover!

    I highly recommend this, worth the money & is a great value. Fits my 2005 5.5ft Ford F150 bed perfectly. Is extremely easy to install & remove (you can do it yourself) as well as fold back. It is water tight & shows no sign of coming off during highway driving (been over 80 mph with it). Only concern I have is when it's folded back & clipped it allows airflow from the truck bed to swirl underneath it & stress the 2 rear clamps. During highway driving it would buffett up & down a lot so I'm planning to buy a couple of regular cover clamps to secure it to the bedrail right behind the cab just in case.