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  • Sam B. Haddad - Best B12 I have ever used period

    I have had MS. For the uninformed i have brain lesions. My doctor recommended taking b12 daily i tried alot of different brands and this stuff is like energy in a health conscious pill. im on my 3rd bottle and probably will not even bother looking for another brand

  • dguptill - A very good device

    If you have blood pressure problems and you have large arms you know what a pain those standard cuffs can be. If you happen to have an assistant they are not as much a problem but you have to rely on someone else to help you. My mother-in-law has very small arms and the cuff is easy to adjust to her arms, as well. I have several of these self help blood pressure monitors and they are difficult to install and use. Sometimes they are not very accurate. Get this iHealth device. The cuff slides on easily and while the rubber cable is only a meter it is no different than my other monitors. Plug in the iPhone or iPad and start the app. The accuracy is great, actually certified to be accurate. While it has not lowered my blood pressure it is a big help to easily read what it is running.

  • Mandi C - Super useful, fits my tall

    Ok this is definitely one of those things that is so simple and when you get it you say well why didn't I think of that? Super useful, fits my tall, thin bottles of gel polish great. I was concerned it wouldn't be snug enough for them because they are skinny but it still works wonderfully. Is comfy on my fat little fingers (ring size 9.5). Definitely recommended.

  • aurel rumpel - very bad

    very bad ,no good is not working I paid many for nothing very bad , no good, is bad, is not working

  • Kylie Fennig - Good Case

    This case came in great packaging and was as described. I am all about keeping my phone protected because like anyone else, I have dropped it one too many times.

  • ArferM - Better than manually filling out forms, not as user-friendly as I expected

    My experience with TaxACT ranks as okay, but I came from several years of Turbo Tax and find TT help, common questions, and walk-through features much easier to use. TaxACT isn't as customized so I was answering questions and filling in fields that normally I never see because TT screens them out based on some 'interview' questions. TaxACT said I could import my TT data but I never could get the import to work. Not a deal-breaker but it never really got better from there. Certainly better than manually filling out forms but I will go back to TT next year.

  • Amazon Customer - excellent gloves!

    These things are great! I got into a minor car accident, I think I would've lost a finger all together if not for these they are durable, breathable, and allow me to use my phone with ease. After the accident there was only a small hole where my index finger was busted. Would by again.