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The First & Only Injectable Double Chin Treatment | KYBELLA® - Discover KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid), the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin.

  • https://www.mykybella.com/#ISISection The First & Only Injectable Double Chin Treatment | KYBELLA® - Discover KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid), the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin.
  • https://www.mykybella.com/what-causes-submental-fullness About Submental Fullness - What Causes Double Chin? | KYBELLA® - Learn more about submental fullness, otherwise known as double chin, and its causes.
  • https://www.mykybella.com/what-is-kybella What is KYBELLA®? | KYBELLA® - Learn more about KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid), the first & only FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin.
  • https://www.mykybella.com/how-kybella-works How KYBELLA® Works | KYBELLA® - Considering KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid)? Learn more about how KYBELLA® works to destroy fat cells and reduce fullness under the chin.
  • https://www.mykybella.com/what-to-expect-with-kybella What to Expect with KYBELLA® | KYBELLA® - Is KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) the right fit for your aesthetic needs? Learn more about what to expect with treatment.
  • https://www.mykybella.com/kybella-before-and-after KYBELLA® Before and After | KYBELLA® - Considering KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid)? Check out our unretouched before and after photos from real patients.
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  • https://www.mykybella.com/save-on-kybella Save on KYBELLA® | KYBELLA® - Check out the Brilliant Disctinctions rewards program. Learn how you can save and earn rewards towards future KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) treatments.

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  • Mrs.58 - Best Glue Ever!

    The arm on my prescription glasses suddenly popped off. The glasses were expensive and I wasn't about to order a new pair. After trying a familiar glue used by kids which didn't work, I ordered Gorilla glue. It took overnight to lock the arm back in place, but it remains solid and in place. Great product.

  • maxman48 - Won't come clean!

    I bought these about 2 months ago and they look like they are 10 years old and ready to be replaced. I have used the power washer at the car wash and I have washed them with soap and water in the bath tub. As soon as they dry they look as dirty as they did before I washed them. Terrible product, not a perfect fit as advertised and will not come clean when cleaned as instructed on their website! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Reads too much - Actual Sprayer NOT included just a bottle

    Not sure how it works just yet...will review again once I go out to the store and buy the actual spray nozzle. Be warned the add says nothing about it NOT coming with a spray bottle (if it does I am still not seeing it) ...even shows a picture of it with a sprayer. Not happy to spend this crazy amount of money to not even have a cheap way to spray it😏 WTH? What did I miss?

  • Teri Keith - Outstanding service for many years

    Avast has provided to me outstanding service for many years. Like many others, I rely on my computer and internet availability to pay bills, do business and communicate with my friends and family.About five years ago my son, who is Certified in Microsoft Network Management, installed Avast on my computer while doing repair for a major incident and at a crucial time in my life.That was the first time I was both impressed and thankful. I am not so experienced as my son and from time to time I have purchased other leading security software products, but each time I have returned to Avast out of sheer necessity, as the other software has failed to protect me or repair the problem. Recently, while using Kaspersky, my computer was massively infected far beyond anything I have experienced in my 28 years of computer usage. Within approximately 2 hours I was up and running again with absolutely no loss or damage. And we were grilling and spending as nice afternoon at the same time, because I had confidence in Avast. Thank you for reliable excellent service.

  • Dylan Copeland - Great Phone! Works like a charm!

    The phone is amazing. I can't get the white one in North America so I ordered it through Amazon. The only thing is that it came with a eroupean charger which can easily be fixed by buying a piece to change it to North American styled plugs.