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North Carrollton Veterinary Hospital - Carrollton, TX - Home - North Carrollton Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary practice in Carrollton, TX specializing in small animal health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary Medical animal pet health care in a professional, friendly, relaxed setting.

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  • John Grimm - TERRIBLE***Just how I want to spend Sunday AM

    After a forced upgrade, none of my bank accounts connect thru one step update. The online help that specifically addresses the problem? Well guess what intuit! IT DOES NOT WORK!

  • David Hardy - Great Small Business Payroll

    We've been using QuickBooks payroll for 14 years, upgrading when they did. The QB Payroll system works perfectly for our small businesses. We've had up to 50 people - and have been perfectly satisfied through all the years. With eFiling it's even easier!

  • Alan - "A" for effort "F" for content

    If you want an entertaining read and your options are limited, this book gets the job done. However, if you want to learn about Goldratt's "Theory of Constraints", look elsewhere. In the latter case, I recommend Wikipedia & Youtube. Read a few articles. Watch a few videos. In less than an hour you'll get all everything stated in this book, and more. They might not be as "fun" to read / watch as the book, but you'll save yourself a great deal of time, you'll learn more and it costs nothing.

  • Phil - Worth it.

    I'm not a big fan of cleansing, I usually don't feel that it is working or get results. I tried this one after reading reviews and I'm glad I did. With Ultra Cleanse, I can say that the magic is happening. I definitely feel less bloated and more energised.

  • Skee - TWO STARS :-(

    Limited to one size card. Event Planner displays ALL holidays regardless of what you select. Card difficult to personalize. I'd send it back except I do not have a package.

  • alan - which I think is the most comfortable shoe I've worn

    I have two pairs of the GT-2000, which I think is the most comfortable shoe I've worn. I thought Gt-3000, Wow I have to have a pair, they must be 1,000 time better, not the case, not worth the money, I hope there are others out there that feel the same way our reviews will help keep these companies on there toes. Asics decided to cut a few corners on this one. It did not seem as comfortable.