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  • ktuekert - KinderBike is GREAT

    This bike delivers everything it says it would. The construction is sturdy and solid. The bike requires very little assembly. All you add is your child and time for training.

  • Colleen Mahoney - Strong peppermint

    The flavor was a little too much for me. The peppermint was really strong. I didn't use it on a regular enough basis to see any results. The flavor and aftertaste definitely kept me from wanting to eat after I drank it. So it sort of worked in that way.

  • Nate Patrick Durham - these things are great

    these things are great. they charge what you need without usiiing too much of its own juice. perfect fpr hiking or long bike rides.Like the digital view screen for power usage and when its time to recharge

  • The Dude - First one but plan on buying them every year now

    I really like this guide to casinos. It's the first time I have come across it for a trip that I took in May 2013. After seeing the valuable information in it I plan on buying a new copy every year now. In addition the the coupons that are in the book it's a great resource for learning about casinos not only in Las Vegas, which is a great deal of the book, but in every other state that has them. The stats that are in there complied in one place are VERY handy. It's a very well written book and you can tell it's put together by folks who have been doing it a while.

  • K. B. - Perfect for smoothies, people who want to inexpensively "juice"

    SO very happy with this! I asked a lot of input and read a lot of reviews, and this is exactly what I needed. I can throw in entire pieces of fresh kale, frozen berries, entire flax seeds, whatever I want, and it makes smooth, perfect drinks. The right size cups, never leaks (because I make sure not to fill above the FILL line), easy to keep clean, doesn't take up much space on my counter. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to make smoothies.

  • Michele M. Klein - Wish we could find large print easy direction games for him

    Hubby said it is ok. A little confusing for our step-brother who is slightly mentally handicapped for learning