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Family Medical Centers | Jacksonville Family Practice - From pediatrics to geriatrics, Jacksonville residents have trusted Family Medical Centers for more than 20 years.

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  • Happy Customer - You'll love this one!!

    My first novel by VH Stone and surely will not be my last one. I was fantasized by the the story line. I really like how Stone took the reader "before and after" throughout the story.

  • alex - Great product

    Bought this so me and my son could spend time together built two decks out of it and we have had a blast we got some good cards out of it and 1 or 2 really good ones worth it for the price

  • Furfoot - Great av but not malware.

    Does not catch toolbars, spyware and adware but will prevent virus attacks better than other products and is low on resource usage as long as the system is no older than 3 or 4 years and was a mid range system when new.

  • Norman D Smith - Works great on our 3 month old twins

    We tried original formulation A & D ointment. Ordinary A & D may be fine for prevention, but zinc oxide is required to accelerate healing. We purchased 16 oz of Balmex, and although it is denser than a thin smearable ointment, it stays put where it is applied and the same amount will surely go farther. That feature also makes it a very economical buy.

  • R. Blease - Has 'Parental Controls" that do not work...

    Obviously Panda included this option to compete with other products that are security suites that have it. I installed and set my Supervisor password and then selected the 'Kid' level of protection. It offers Teen and Employee too. I rebooted and went online to test. The first surprise was that to even get in to IE I had to use my Supervisor password (the one that allows you to control the settings of the internet control). Think about it: Junior wants to get on the net to do a school project but has to have a password to even get on?

  • Cathie Chalk - Don't buy this product it's a waste of your money

    I bought PC matic for 49.95 then when I couldn't download it i called tech support. To make a long story short they told me I had tons of things wrong with my computer and that I needed them to "fix" it to the tune of $200.00. What a scam! Don't buy this product it's a waste of your money.