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  • Amazon Customer - Working product, but not perfect.

    This rack was a pain to assemble, as it is kind of difficult to align perfectly. There is some space on my front rack where I had stripped some threads and can no longer adjust. It works well, but I am uncertain if I would purchase again.

  • ValK - Loved the original - fun

    Loved the original - fun, lively and your typical summer release - just like the old James Bond flicks. I wasn't looking for a blockbuster here - just a wild, fun summer release like the original or something from way back. Well - this movie sucked in comparison to the original. Shame on the original cast members and the new producers for taking this on. Everything crapped out with this flick - actors and their acting, script, plot .. you name it - a dead bore!!! Honestly, I would have been happy with a near duplicate of the original and less embarrassed at the outcome. In the end this is a case of someone owning the rights and cheaply cashing in on that.

  • Jennifer R - Nike Flex

    I ordered these shoes for my 13 year-old son and he is quite happy with them. They fit well and he said they are comfortable for him to run in. The tread seems to be better than the tread on his old pair of Nike Koshe's. The Koshe's tread was shallow and wore smooth within several months. The tread on the Nike Flex's is much deeper and sturdier. I can't comment on how well these shoes hold up long-term since my son has only had them for a couple of week's, but I'm satisfied with the quality so far.

  • KHCK512 - Made in Taiwan Awesome!

    Love everything about it. It came with every single part and my LBS took his time to assemble it. This bike is bang for the buck for sure. Problem is the box. It came with holes and the top ripped open half-way. When asked UPS driver he had no idea which is fine. My suggestion is tape the openings will solve the issue. Lastly, a plastic fork holder broke but it's not a big deal as it's not part of the bike itself. Thanks for the fast shipping and great product I hope Amazon/sellers will start carrying the R1 version soon!