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Novinvest Corretora de Valores Mobiliários - A Novinvest reúne todos seus investimentos em um lugar. Fale com nossos especialistas e tenha acesso a ações, opções, futuros, fundos, renda fixa, tesouro direito e muito mais.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Aunt Kitten - Having issues this year. First time this has happened after at least eight years of Taxcut H&R Block use

    Purchased and installed downloaded product. First noticed the folder created in Program Files was named HR Block 2011. Very strange as this is obviously 2012 code. I am very experienced with using the product for the 1120S business return I do every year.

  • Kenneth Warren - Good!battery life is great.

    Very funky little gadget. Top quality made totally hands free wireless bluetooth headset. It is nice and compact, very comfortable to wear and very easy to put on and adjust to fit. It is excellent when you are driving but also when you are out for a jog, cycling, exercising or just walking the dog. It leaves your hands free to do whatever else you need to, i find it particularly good when walking my dogs i have 4 so i usually have my hands full so leave my phone at home, not any more. The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. The microphone can rotate 200 degrees so you can find a comfortable position, the receiver can rotate across 180 degrees too so you can find the angle best for you. I like the fact it has 2 sizes of ear buds.

  • Amazon Customer - I will buy again!

    I bought the product in 2014 and have used it successfully for almost a year! It is a great product that is user friendly and highly protective. For the price per PC it is difficult to find comparable security. I will buy again.

  • Bryan - great product, works so fast that the bush in ...

    Check out those photos! great product, works so fast that the bush in the back has the exact same flowers, in the exact same spot!! ... Or they took the "after" then dug up an area, sprayed and took the "before".

  • Virginia Lux - Don't waste your money.

    Volume is too different than tv/sound bar. Can barely hear them in contrast to tv even on loudest setting.