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  • aiRCoft - I'm a big fan of Zippo products, but this is terrible....

    I really do like the brand "Zippo", and I own dozens of their lighters and products, but this hand warmer simply doesn't work. I ordered one a while back, and it didn't seem to work no matter what I did to it, so I returned it and got another, thinking it would work better. I read the ALL of the instructions and followed them both times, and still it did not work. It says that it lights in 3-5 seconds, but that is a total lie. My first one never lit, and my second one did light after about 2 minutes of holding a Zippo lighter's flame to it, and then the heat only lasted a few minutes, and the catalytic burner went out.... I really, really do like Zippo, don't get me wrong, but this is a very bad design and I would definitely not recommend it. Stick to the disposable ones that you can get for around $1. If Zippo ever decided to redesign this product or make a new version of a hand warmer, I would buy it without a doubt, but I am not satisfied with this one. (The only reason I didn't give this product a one-star rating was because I like the little bag it came with, the butane measuring cup, and I like the looks of the stainless steel design of the hand warmer itself.)

  • T. Sullivan - Foams...wait a few mins

    Good stuff. Like other reviewers said, it foams. I didn't realize it takes several minutes before the foaming takes place and spreads farther to the edges. I was gluing a magnet back onto metal. I spread it onto the center and waited. No foam. I spread it more. Still no foam. Then I brought the glue very near the edges and applied it to the metal and clamped. When I got back after 10 mins, it was foaming. I had to cut the foam off with a box cutter.

  • Amanda Valentine - This stuff is awesome

    I am always leery about putting ANYTHING on my fine, thin hair for fear that it will make it look "greasy" or heavy, but this stuff is awesome. I squirt some into my hands, rub them together, and smooth it on the ends and my hair is so soft and smooth. love it!


    AWFUL HORRIFIC RIDICULOUS customer service. Over 2 hours, 9 techs multiple "disconnects" and finally finally I got the product cancelled because nothing should be this hard to get worked out! Do not even bother, this product will never be any good until the Geek Squad gets rid of the idiots running their phone systems. It is not cheap either!

  • GPinNC - Its GARBAGE!

    All I got from this garbage was a stomach ache. Its completely worthless and didn't help me lose any weight. And don't fall for their "free" bottle scam either.......you'll unknowingly be signing yourself up to get more bottles every month and charged an insane amount of money. Avoid this stuff!