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Probiotics Shakes For Nutrition & Restoring Body Bacterial Inbalances - Probiotics shakes and optimum nutrition. Protein shakes, soy protein and probiotics restore body balance. Counter the effects of unfriendly disease- causing bacteria

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  • http://www.nutritioninashake.com/ObesityFacts.html Obesity Facts - The Disturbing Obesity Reality For Adults And Our Youth - Obesity Facts, weight loss of as little as 6.5 percent of total body weight in people with metabolic syndrome can substantially reduce blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides and total cholesterol

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  • Lizzy - Didn't work for me

    Product didn't seem to work for me. The reviews were great but literally this did t seem to cleanse me at all. I was excited reading the reviews, even the ones that said it worked too well, sadly I must have some tough guts

  • Cynthia J. Olsen - Don't like the taste

    I bought this after I ordered Joint Juice on the delivery program and needed some until the Joint Juice arrived. It did its job, but I found myself not finishing the can because of the taste. I'm going back to Joint Juice, which works well for me.