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  • Suze - Not worth the money

    I had heard about WEN products at work, but that is expensive so I decided to try this which was supposed to be just as good as WEN, according to reviews. I did exactly what the instructions said, every other day as I wash my hair every 2 days. I noticed no difference at all at 1st, and then my hair just started feeling dirty. By the end of 2 weeks, I was more then 1/2 way through my bottle and my hair felt weighted down, dirty, and almost greasy, yet wasnt shiny at all!! I dont think this product "cleans" at all. I think you still need to use a shampoo. I now use my regular shampoo and use this as a conditioner. I will do that until its gone, but I dont plan on buying again. I also saw where someone recommended the Joico K-Pak so I got that also. I got much better results with that, although it also is pricey. At least in my opinion.

  • A. Schwartz - Expectation Exceeded

    I guess you'd call me an Antenna enthusiast. I have owned everything from Channel Master to Winegard antennas. Most recently I have been using the Xtreme Signal HDB91X and had pretty good results. However, I am always looking for the next best thing. Always trying to get more channels, even if I will likely never watch them So I have been looking into these Televes antennas and when then went on sale, I pulled the trigger and got one, and boy am I glad I did. This antenna kicks serious ass! I am pulling in channels from over 90 miles away (results may vary) and signal strength on the channels closer is much better. The construction and the materials used to create this antenna are the very best I have Ever seen. This is on another level. Seriously, Quality!! What also makes this cool and a bit awesome is that it includes the pre-amp/amp system. No box to mount on the mast, no extra jumper. I guess it's the complete package, if you don't want/need a rotor. I was expecting a small improvement and got Wayy more. Extremely Satisfied, until they come out with a new model that is better than this! LOL

  • Dimetri - ripped off... the worst purchase I ever made...waste of time and money

    was advertised as a one year anti virus....it says it right on the front of the box... after it was installed.....a window came up saying it was only good for 30 days... and it slowed down my computer....the topper is that it can't be returned just exchanged for the same thing... I talked to customer service and explained about the false advertising, and they gave me a return label and told me to send it back. Now two weeks later they sent it back and said I couldn't return it after all. .... So in summary they said it was good for a yr. buitt actually only good for one month, and I can absolutely not return it. They lie to sell their product and Amazon is letting them get away with it. Ripped off....... I still have products that keep popping up wanting me to buy things from the antivirus software I installed. I have tried and tried to delete all the residual crap that is on my computer but have to constantly deal with it.;

  • L. J. Haire - Would like to have sequel...

    I was entranced by the idea of tattoos holding "powers" in the body of the recipient! It took exactly one page to get hooked into the story line, strong characters, not too transparent, and a plot that moves along nicely. There are a few elements of the story that I think would have enjoyed more information/closure for, but action is very good, the politics surprisingly realistic (and snarky). Will definitely read a sequel if one is written.