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Welcome - On the Sea Bed & Breakfast | Bowen Island, BC - On the Sea B&B, a French themed Bed and Breakfast, located on beautiful Bowen Island, British Columbia.

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  • Maggie - Quite a dangerous supplement

    I've bought this at Costco, not on Amazon. Since my current multivitamins run out I decided to check the ingredients in detail on this one, knowing that one can have too much of vitamins A and D...

  • Bridget owensby - cool book

    I was curious about the book the minute i read the title. I thought this is different.... If you like the quirky sci fi genre you will love this book. I was kept on my toes the entire read and never bored! Try it out I think you'll be hooked too!

  • RealityReader - Self-centered philosopy with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) connections

    In LH everything you do is about you and being happy, which they try to define deeply but fail, because being self focused is an inherently shallow existence. There is a cognitive dissonance between their “do-gooder” articles and their “success” articles - the concern for others comes off as insincere with so much me, me, me going on. The main reason they give for helping others is because helping others makes you happy. It is a means to an end and ultimately for your own benefit – part of your success. (As opposed to helping others as an act of loving them and an acknowledgement of your own humility and limitations.) There is also a lot of emphasis on changing others and making them happy too - a feat not consistent with reality. (You see this mindset a lot in the MLM world – our company gives to charity so we must be good. Speak not of the thousands of failures and wrecked people we leave in our wake – they just didn’t do it right.)

  • belletlc - Does what it was originally designed to do

    I agree with the first poster. As long as I'm on this product, I'm don't feel like I'm losing my mind on the least little thing. I have two little boys who demand all of my attention (as they should), and I recognize when I don't buy this for a month, I can't handle the screaming and yelling sometimes. I feel like going in my room and throwing the blankets over my head for ten minutes.

  • rodneyshia - stylish ride

    I got these for my 2009 Toyota Camry. They fit perfectly and they look really nice. I like the fact that they, in my opinion, look nicer than the Toyota brand hubcaps. These look as though they are made of high quality and they haven't faded or anything since I've received them. I am not disappointed with this purchase at all. I did receive this at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Debra G. - Like not having an antenna at all!

    I lost my antenna in a car wash and was driving around for a while without one until I could get it fixed. I decided to buy this one to use for local driving (I don't live in a rural area) and not have to worry about going into the car wash. I'd switch to the longer "official" antenna for road trips. Well, after getting the "official" antenna replaced, the reception was clear and perfect. I received the stubby and per my plan, switched it onto my minivan for local use. Well, it was like being back to no antenna at all again. Absolutely useless. Don't waste your money.

  • Tracy Nelson - I received this product earlier than expected. I started ...

    I received this product earlier than expected. I started yesterday by only taking 4 tablets instead of 8 and now it has me going to the bathroom already. I dont eat that much and I exercise regularly but still couldn't get my stomach to go down. If I keep this up for a month ( which I plan on doing) there is no telling how much stomach fat that I will lose.