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  • Dr. S M H Time - Excellent product for dry skin due to matching the product ...

    Excellent product for dry skin due to matching the product pH the skins natural pH of 5.5! This makes all the difference in helping skin recover from air dryness or irritation due to chemical exposure such as washing dishes. This works on very sensitive skin as well. The very mild fragrance is appealing even to anti-perfume noses such as mine and don't cause irritation .Highly recommended! I have also used their everyday shampoo and hand lotion with excellent results. Note: the shampoo and hand lotion have stronger but yet mild floral scents.

  • Lamergamer - because if I use this too much it will dry out my skin to the point of being painful. So

    Only thing I've ever found that will control my acne if I use it daily. There's a balance to be found there, because if I use this too much it will dry out my skin to the point of being painful. So, I use it twice a day until I feel I need to back off then once a day and even every other day sometimes. If I continue to use it like I should (which I don't) I stay AcneFree. <<< So clever.... Or lame. You pick.

  • M. Savilla - Amazing but you have to follow through

    Found these products on TV and was skeptical, to say the least. Well, since I have started MB products, it's been great. i'm 50 something, and while no beauty queen, I have noticed my face looking younger,chin up, remarkable. A friend of mine had bought the same products, never used them, and there you go...She always asked me why I looked so much fresher...Hello, I find products and use them, follow directions...Actually MB is a great product....the best I've ever used...You just have to be faithful following the steps...