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Best Hair Dryers 2016 | 50+ Blow Dryer Reviews | Oomphed! - If you're looking to cut down on your hair-do routine with the right hair dryer you're in the right place. Say goodbye to frizz, dry ends and those dreaded fly-aways!

  • http://www.oomphed.com/best-dryers-for-curly-hair/ The 5 Best Blow Dryers for Curly Hair - Oomphed! - If you have curly hair that’s difficult to dry because it can descend into madness, take a look at my favorite dryers that will help eliminate the problem.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/best-dryers-for-thin-hair/ The 5 Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair - Oomphed! - Fine hair needs some additional care that those with thick hair don't have to worry about. The following selection of dryers is perfect for your hair type.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/best-dryers-for-frizzy-hair/ The 5 Best Blow Dryers for Frizzy Hair - Oomphed! - If frizzy hair is something that bothers you every day, you need a hair dryer that won’t leave it looking larger than life. Take a look at these great options so you can finally get it under control.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/best-dryers-for-thick-hair/ The 5 Best Blow Dryers for Thick Hair - Oomped! - Got thick hair? Does it take what seems like hours to dry? Maybe you don’t have the right hair dryer for the job. Read on and you just might find the answer to your problem.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/category/ceramic-hair-dryers/ Ceramic Hair Dryer Reviews - for Excellent Heat Distribution - Why does ceramic matter for your hair style? Among other things, it’s perfect for even heat distribution.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/category/ionic-hair-dryers/ Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews - Volumize your Hair! - Read on and find out what ionic blowdryer technology can do to improve the health of your hair, aside from giving extra body to your hair.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/category/tourmaline-hair-dryers/ Tourmaline Hair Dryer Reviews - the Shiniest Body Possible! - If you're looking for smoothness and shine when you use a hair dryer, it might just be time to take a look at tourmaline.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/category/professional-blow-dryers/ Professional Blow Dryer Reviews - Not Only for Commercial Use! - There is a difference between professional power and consumer grade hair dryers, but it may not always make a difference for your needs.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/category/sit-under-bonnet-dryers/ Bonnet Style Blow Dryer Reviews - the Sit-Under Alternative - If you enjoy getting your hair done while you sit and relax but don’t like going to the hair salon, bonnets style blow dryers are the way to go.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/attachments/ Hair Dryer Attachments Explained - How They Can Help - If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, it doesn’t hurt to try and figure out exactly what all those additional bells and whistles can do for you locks.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/blow-dry-vs-natural/ Blow Drying vs Natural Drying - Oomphed! - Which is better for your hair, blow drying or natural drying? Walk through the pros and cons with us here.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/bonnet-style/ Sit Under / Bonnet Dryer Guide - Be Treated Like Royalty - If you fancy sitting under a hair dryer so it can do all the hard work for you when you’re at home, take a look at the pros and cons here.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/cheap-vs-expensive/ Cheap vs. Expensive - Where to Put Your Hair Dryer Dollars? - When you're trying to decide what hair dryer to buy, it's important to pay attention to what you're getting for your money. Find out if cheap or expensive is for you.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/brands/ The Different Hair Dryer Brands - Oomphed! - Don't buy a hair dryer just because of the brand as it might not be for you. Head on over here to find out just exactly what’s in a name.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/handling/ Weight and Size Issues for Handling your Blow Dryer - We often forget about how easy it is to handle a hair dryer. If you want to know more about handling considerations before you buy, take a look here.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/heating-elements/ The Periodic Table Of Heating Elements in Blow Dryers - The way your blow dryer heats can tell you what the best option for your hair type is. You just have to know what you're looking for.
  • http://www.oomphed.com/material-to-hair-type/ There's a Blow Dryer for Every Hair Type - Materials are Key - If you know what hair type you are, it’s easy to figure out what materials on your hair dryer will work best for you, but just in case….
  • http://www.oomphed.com/power-noise-options/ Things To Look For in Hair Dryers Beyond Heat and Power - We all look for power and heat when looking for a new hair dryer. However, there are other considerations. To find out what they are, take a look here.

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