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OSHA Safety Training Programs and Industrial Drug Screening Programs with On Site Workplace Training - Comprehensive computer based OSHA safety training programs with integrated employee health and safety certification training. Our local facilities provide in house testing, safety training, drug screening and employee data management services.

  • http://www.osca.com/training/ OSHA Safety Training in Environmental Health Human Resources Departments - OSCA has over 25 years experience with managing OSHA safety training programs and updating worker safety conditions. Have your employees train in our accredited facilities.
  • http://www.osca.com/courses/ OSHA Safety Training Course Catalog Featuring Online Computer Based Training - Safety training courses and computer based training programs for general industry education initiatives. OSHA approved employee safety training facility with on site CBT classrooms and certified course material.
  • http://www.osca.com/training/facilities.asp State of the art OSHA Safety Training Facilities in California - OSCA has over 25 years experience providing OSHA safety training and high tech training facilities in California.
  • http://www.osca.com/benefits/overview.asp Benefits Overview for Computer Safety Records Management & OSHA Safety Training Regulatory Compliance - OSCA/ASAP is dedicated to working with clients to develop versatile and user-friendly billing systems.
  • http://www.osca.com/benefits/simplify-billing.asp Custom Billing Features Available in Employee Data Management Software - Cost-effective training solution and industry specific safety training programs. Outsource OSHA safety training and automate OSHA Compliance to control costs.
  • http://www.osca.com/benefits/records-management.asp Employee Records Management Tracks Training & Regulatory Needs - OSCA employee records management provides OSHA training management and automatic worker certification updates. ASAP manages the education records & safety training of employees and supervisors.
  • http://www.osca.com/program-management/ Customized Data Management Solutions Track Training and Compliance - With the OSCA Security PLUS System, the Primary Designated Employer Representative has control over the database functions and permission levels that are assigned to their staff members.
  • http://www.osca.com/program-management/data.asp Customized Employee Data Management Solutions as a Hosted Web Based Service - With the hosted web service Security PLUS System, your Primary Designated Employer Representative has control over the database functions and permission levels that are assigned to their staff members.
  • http://www.osca.com/program-management/customizable.asp Customizable Web Based Software Solutions for Organizing Customer and Employee Data - Security PLUS is a web based employee records management system, providing secure database access from any internet connection. Your Representatives have control over the database functions and permission levels that are assigned to their company staff members.
  • http://www.osca.com/general-industry/ General Industry Courses for OSHA Regulatory Compliance - OSCA offers a comprehensive selection of computer-based-training courses covering topics such as Forklift Training, Lock-Out Tag-Out Procedures, and Scaffold Use, just to name a few.
  • http://www.osca.com/construction/ Construction Safety Training and Worker Orientation Training for Construction Companies - Cost effective construction safety training solutions and worker training programs. Construction industry courses include health hazards, basic rigging and fall protection.
  • http://www.osca.com/transportation/ Department of Transportation Safety Training Courses and Drug and Alcohol Testing for DOT - Our integrated pipeline compliance training system has been designed for companies without in-house DOT expertise
  • http://www.osca.com/petrochemical/ Petrochemical Company Specific Orientation & Oil Refinery Safety Training - Cost-effective petrochemical worker training solutions and industry specific training programs for oil refineries. Outsource oil industry safety training and automate OSHA compliance.
  • http://www.osca.com/services/substance-abuse.asp Los Angeles Substance Abuse Program Management & Drug Testing Facilities - OSCA has over 25 years experience providing substance abuse programs. Substance Abuse Programs available for DOT, Construction, General Industries.
  • http://www.osca.com/services/employee-screening.asp Employee Screening Services and Pre Employment Background Checks - OSCA offers comprehensive background screening services that include Social Security Verification SSV, driving record, employment verification and criminal records search. Customized Background Screening packages available.
  • http://www.osca.com/services/security-plus.asp Secure Online Records Management for Administrating Company Programs - The OSCA Security PLUS System allows for secure online employee records management by the the Primary Designated Employer Representative, allowing them to administrate company programs.

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  • B1978 - Good, not great.

    Product isn't too bad overall. The mold quality is good, and feels solid. There is an extra plastic locator which needs to be shaved off in order for the cup to snap in properly. It's an easy modification. Extra care needs to be given to ensure the primary locating pin isn't broken during installation. Be patient, and line it up a couple different ways before attempting to lock it in. It's self explanatory. My biggest gripe with this product is the cap screws rusted the first time they got wet. I'll be replacing them with a higher grade of stainless.

  • oldmodelT - The shampoo is wonderful. It leaves my hair soft and manageable

    I was introduced to Baronessa Cali Tarocco Shampoo at the Eureka Hotel in Mesquite Nevada. The shampoo is wonderful. It leaves my hair soft and manageable. At the hotel front desk, I asked for and was given a small bottle to take home. I was very happy to find this on Amazon!

  • B.D. - Problems with this product

    There needs to be proper precaution taken when wearing this shirt. Before putting this shirt on for the first time, I didn't realize that it would cause women to violently propel themselves at me. I also didn't realize that it would make women leave their husbands. I've found the biggest problem that this shirt causes is that you cannot be within a woman's sight without causing her to ruin her underwear from overexcitement. The shirt needs to be manufactured without so many wolves--three wolves is too dangerous.

  • 76Tiger - Upsell SCAM!

    This is a scam to get adds on your computer and to upsell you on other services. Had to actually block the helpdesk phone number after trying to get help with a minor issue.

  • Purple Rain - Great Basketball collection by Panini

    Panini makes awesome Sticker albums and they are always fun to enjoy and collect. The one I received was bent on the right corner this bothers me as a collector, but the kids still found it tons of fun to use and match up the stickers to the correct numbered spot. I have a basketball fan so this is perfect for him to enjoy. The book itself is 72 pages to fill with all the players stickers. You also get 5 packs in this bundle to get you started. The stickers are very clear and vibrant as well. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Opinions are 100% my own.