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  • artdecolv - mixed feelings

    I like the program, but am not happy that one week after receiving it, Finale announces an expensive upgrade to Finale 2013. Shouldn't they have automatically sent me that update since I had just bought it? This doesn't seem fair.

  • R. Tsigelman - I like this baby vac

    I like this baby vac...the only downside is that it must go into your vacuum and there is no protection for the nasal discharge from rushing into the tubing and into the vacuum. I have to stop it before that happens. It has a collection area, but it doesn't stay in there or go in there, it goes all over and into the tubing...Does anyone have advise??

  • Billy - Not too bad

    I collect Ouija Boards among other things. This board is nice for a collection. It is essential that you have this board for your collection -- if you're a collector. It's a mystical piece that looks really well in my collector's cabinet. The box I got with it is a bit old, but really no harm there. It's just your mundane, typical board that glows in the dark.

  • Amazon Customer - The mats are an excellent barrier and fit like a glove

    I bought this for my husband's truck and got the wrong size. The representative from Boost Projects worked with me and helped me to get the right size. The mats are an excellent barrier and fit like a glove, my husband loves them.