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  • jsho - WARNING: Spectra Premium Radiator Destroyed My Transmission!

    We bought a new radiator from amazon.com -- a Spectra Premium CU2307. Installed it, drove around the neighborhood, and everything seemed okay, so I drove it about 30 miles. Then, just as I was parking, a couple ounces of transmission fluid suddenly spilled out. The transmission dipstick was very hot!

  • A. Gjeny - BEST MOP EVER!

    I've bought this befre for myself; just got another for my mother in law. THE BEST MOP EVER! I previously would only consdier washing a floor on hands and knees. (As I've gotten older, that apporach has gotten more difficult!)

  • ros s pan - chinese knew benefical uses of ginseng/royal honey for many,many years!

    have used nature's bounty ginseng complex/plus ROYAL HONEY many times. I would recommend this product/herb for increased energy with out unwanted side effects. this being my experience. heed warnings, especially if you are taking allopathic drugs (big pharma!). all ingredients dosages, warnings listed (A HUGE PLUS,MY OPINION)Thank you again for a quality herbal supplement . rsp

  • V. Farfel - Good gadget + bad clip = 1 star

    I received MOOV personal coach on December 30th 2015. I have done several running workouts and liked it a lot. It has a lot of good things to write about but Im not in a good mood to do so. I decided to test it on a bike ride and unfortunately lost the device. Similarly to what others reported the clip seemed to unbuckle and the device is gone. I have retraced my bike ride - it was only 3 miles run but since MOOV emits no signal there is no way to track so after less than a week use it is gone. I wasn't in a hurry when I went on my bike ride and made sure that the clip is secured properly but it unbuckled anyway. If you only plan to use MOOV on an athletic field where you can quickly find it then by all means get it, but otherwise I would suggest you find better use for your $$$

  • Gracie - I'm in love

    I'm in love! I recently sold my 15 yr. old Viking Husqvarna machine for which I had bought all the attachments and embroidery stuff over the years. I barely used most of them because the instructions AND the machine were so complex, that if there was a time lapse between uses, I had to relearn much of it all over again. As a quilter I seldom used the decorative attachments, but did do some machine quilting. I agonized over selling it as the investment was steep, but then I realized most of those computerized gizmos were useless to me and I wanted something simple with a few basic stitches, but more importantly, something that didn't feel like I needed a hydraulic lift to get it up onto my desk or a PHD when I wanted to use it.

  • Mac McAdams - Cheaper than the drug store

    quality of the product seems very good. saw same being offered at a local drug store chain-- Amazon on-line purchase was cheaper and easier