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Hair Transplant Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Francisco - Robert Michael Elliott MD, is one of the world’s most experienced physicians in the treatment of hair loss.

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  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/about-us/ About Us | Pacific Hair - Dr. Elliott Dr. Elliott grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, the fourth generation in medicine. He attended John Hopkins University Undergraduate, University of
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/about-us/blog/ Blog | Pacific Hair - FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012 SUNSCREENS Sunscreens are the most effective products currently available for protection from the sun. Nevertheless, there are some
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/diagnosis/ Diagnosis | Pacific Hair - Proper Diagnosis of Hair Loss Before one can decide if they might need medical treatment or a hair transplant, a proper diagnosis of their hair loss condition
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/medical-treatment-male-and-female/ Treatment | Pacific Hair - Medical Treatment – Male Pattern Hair Loss For optimal chemical therapy for male pattern hair loss, the combination of Rogaine Foam and Propecia (1 mg per
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/medical-treatment-male-and-female/hair-transplantation/ Hair Transplantation | Pacific Hair - What is a Hair Transplant? Hair transplants are minor dermatologic surgical procedures in which hair follicles are transferred from the permanent and thick
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/medical-treatment-male-and-female/female-hair-loss-and-transplantation/ Female Hair Loss and Transplantation | Pacific Hair - Hair Transplantation– Female Pattern Hair Loss If there is sufficient donor hair on the back of the head, women can be transplanted one to three times in the
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/medical-treatment-male-and-female/eyebrow-restoration/ Eyebrow Restoration | Pacific Hair -   Eyebrows are one of the most important defining characteristics of the face. Often you don’t even realize the full impact that eyebrows make until you
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/case-presentations-male/ Case Presentations - Male | Pacific Hair - Double-Mega FUE Male Pattern 5 Male Density Male Pattern 5-1/2 Hairline Design Probably the most important part of the hair transplantation
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/2015-fee-schedule/ 2016 Fee Schedule | Pacific Hair - PAYMENT FOR SERVICES: There is a $650 non-refundable scheduling fee. The surgical fee is due one week prior to surgery. Pacific Hair accepts Discover, Visa,
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/instructions/before-surgery/ Before Surgery | Pacific Hair - Your cooperation is necessary in carefully following all the instructions below. This will allow us to provide you with the highest quality medical care, as
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/instructions/after-surgery-2/ After Surgery | Pacific Hair - WARNING! - DO NOT DRIVE OR DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE TAKING PAIN MEDICATION, ATARAX, VALIUM OR AMBIEN Do not drive, ride a vehicle, or otherwise put yourself in
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/home/anti-aging-to-look-and-feel-younger/ Anti-Aging to Look and Feel Younger | Pacific Hair - Two principal factors contribute to how young you look and feel: •  Your genetics •  Your level of hormones still functioning in your body Hormone
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/consultfor/ Virtual Consultation | Pacific Hair - Pacific Hair Institute offers the option of virtual consultation. Click HERE to start Virtual Consultation   ---OR---  Download Form *You can either fill
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/research/cloning/ Cloning | Pacific Hair - Research, 2001, Cloning Signal Molecules and Mineral Ascorbate Containing Media for Human Hair Follicle Cloning R.C. Dana, D. Kong, M. Elliott**, J. Yang,
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/research/recent-scientific-work/ Recent Scientific Work | Pacific Hair - Recent Scientific Work on Hair Growth, World Wide 1)    Hormone replacement therapy is frequently used as a technique for anti-aging in Southern California
  • http://www.pacifichairinstitute.com/research/hair-restoration-update/ Hair Restoration Update | Pacific Hair - Hylenex Virtually Eliminates Donor Tightness in the Strip Method and Obviates the Need for the Follicular Unit Extraction Method Dr. Elliott’s former partner,

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  • Brandy Stansbury - Decent detox stytem

    Well I'm a little torn on this product... I LOVE the morning blend! It gives me a better energy boost than 2 cups of coffee. It tastes refreshing and works fast. With that said I didn't love the nighttime blend. It tasted awful and didn't work for me. Even when I increased the steeping time to 10 minutes I did not get the desired detoxing effect I was expecting the next morning. With that said I would buy this again just for that morning blend and hope that it is sold by itself in the future. I received a discount for this product but my review is %100 my own.

  • Joe G. - Very handy tool

    This is a great product because you get the Leatherman name without an overwhelming number of tools. I bought this for my brother and he can't put it down. The knife blade has quickly broken in and makes for easy opening (either by way of the stud on the blade or the opening mechanism at the top of the spine). It took a minute to figure out how to close the bottle opener -- you have to push it in while folding it down and it will slide right back into place. I would consider buying one of these for myself!

  • Robert S. Grossman - Just does not work well

    I purchased the NEAT scanner after hearing their radio ads. I finally set it up and gave it a shot. I do not recommend this device at all. The accuracy of their software is awful. First, I have to edit just about every document I scan in. It just seems that the software cannot recognize most documents. Second, it does not duplex documents. If you want to scan both sides you have to run the document through again. So you cannot scan a lot in at one time. Third, business cards really suck. Out of 40 cards I just scanned in as a test. The results were pretty bad. Just looking at the most basic simple cards, about 40% were unrecognizable and need to be completely entered manually. About 40% had multiple errors even with the most basic information like their name or state. The balance had slightly better results, but every card needs to be edited. Not a single card came in 100% accurate.

  • WistfulDreamer - Helped me get into shape!

    I got my Simply Fit Board at the state fair a year ago. I love it so much! I've gotten in shape, using it to help me lose weight and belly fat. I had a lot of trouble losing inches around the middle after two pregnancies. I was amazed to see how much came off! The board is sturdy and even holds up when my kids bounce on it.

  • Amazon Customer - BEST HANGOVER CURE

    I don't usually write reviews but this product right here is a lifesaver. Coming from someone in his mid-20's who is afraid to drink the night before an early morning of work because I know I'll be a complete failure I decided to give these a try and I wasn't let down at all. I initially tried them on a weekend where I was able to sleep in being afraid that they wouldn't work and to my surprise I woke up perfectly fine the next morning. I had NO hangover symptoms at all not even the slightest bit groggy or cranky I woke up as if I had never even drank the night before. I use these regularly now when I know I'll be having more than just one drink and I am WAY too happy about how functional I am the next day, definitely recommend them they're absolutely worth their price!! I'll be buying multiple bottles next time I refill lol

  • Janelle R. - Amazing!

    I swear that every time I get a new thermometer, my kids get sick. My daughter is sick and the last thing she wanted was for me to take her temp in her armpit, so this came in super handy. It is amazing by the way. It has 2 buttons. One of them you press as you place the thermometer on the forehead, and the other button, you take the top of the thermometer and it works in the ear. It is so much more convenient and so much faster than the other kind. It takes literally less than 1 second the get the reading, which is so nice. I would recommend this to any and everyone. It works amazing!