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Award Winning Over the Counter Pain Relief | Panadol - Find your pain relief today with Panadol. Panadol is one of the world's leading paracetamol based pain relievers.

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  • NOLA Girl - Great Plumper - not so great color

    I had also purchased this product in Scarlet - which is a great color. I was looking forward to a lighter color for daytime use, but this turned out a bit too light for me. Although, the 'plumping' is the best I have found in lip plumpers

  • Jodi l. Davis - Great resource to study for NCLEX-RN

    Love how this book explains how to narrow down your answers to find the correct answer(s). I used this as well as Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 3e by LaCharity. Would recommend purchasing both of these books to study for nclex-RN.

  • Stanley - great

    great. It was exactly like the picture. The book was in perfect quality! I'm very satisfied with it! Thank you!

  • Matem - NICEEEE 👌👌👏

    Doesn't come with CD case, or at east mine didnt. I guess who uses CD now-a-days haha. So not too bummed out but it would be nice if they took that picture off. ALSO very easy to set up, just need a 10mm socket and a Phillips screw driver and you're in business 👌👌

  • Betina Frisone - Practical, informative, well-written

    One of the best software manuals I've read. Very clear and appears to be complete. I had first "tried it out" by borrowing it from my local library; once I read through a few chapters, I knew this one would need a place on my shelf for trusty resources.