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Symptoms of pelvic pain research and treatments provider - Pelvic pain research: Pelvic Pain Help was created by doctors and specialist to assure we provide the best treatments. Call us (707) 874-2225 to learn more.

  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/about-us/ About Us - Pelvic Pain Help - Devoted to the research and treatment of pelvic pain syndromes in men and women using the Wise-Anderson Protocol. For more information about us, call: (707) 874-2225.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/prostatitis/ Get treated for the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. - Call us to get a 6-day treatment clinic for prostatitis and related conditions today. Dial (707) 874-2225: our treatment rehabilitates the pelvic muscles.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/levator-ani-syndrome-spasm/ The best treatment for spasms of levator ani syndorme - Ani levator syndrome can be very painful and stop prevent your serenity. Contact Pelvic Pain Help today at (707) 874-2225 and get the right treatment.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/pelvic-floor-dysfunction/ Pelvic floor dysfunction - Get the right treatment now - Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is used to describe the difficulty of the muscles of the pelvic floor to tighten and relax normally. (707) 874-2225 get treated.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/perineum-pain/ Perineum Pain: Symptoms and Treatment - Learn to identify the symptoms of perineum pain, what triggers them and how to reduce their impact in your life with the tools to do self-treatment.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/interstitial-cystitis-ic/ What is interstitial cystitis? Symptoms and treatment - Learn everything you need to know about the symptoms of interstitial cystitis and how to get the Wise-Anderson Protocol treatment. Call us (707) 874-2225.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/cpps-chronic-pelvic-pain-syndrome/ Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS): Symptoms & Treatment - Identify the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) and how to treatment using the Wise-Anderson Protocol. For more information call: (707) 874-2225
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/symptoms/anal-and-rectal-pain/ Medication for anal, rectal and anorectal pain relief - Treating chronic rectal or anal pain with the Wise-Anderson Protocol is possible. Learn more dialing (707) 874-2225 or visiting Pelvic Pain Help website.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/clinic-details-and-schedule/ Clinic Details and Schedule for 6-day Immersion Treatment - The 6-day immersion clinic trains patients to make them independent of the need for further professional help. Call us for clinic details and schedule at (707) 874-2225
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/the-wand/ The Wand: Wise-Anderson Protocol for self-treatment - The Internal Trigger Point Wand is the solution for pelvic muscles conditions. Find out more dialing (707) 824-2225 or visiting Pelvic Pain Help webiste.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/history-of-the-wise-anderson-protocol-1/ History of the wise Anderson protocol 1 | Pelvic Pain Help - Let us introduce you into the history of the Wise Anderson Protocol to research and help treating pelvic pain syndromes.Call us (707) 874-2225 to learn more.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/history-of-the-wise-anderson-protocol-2/ History of the wise Anderson protocol 2 | Pelvic Pain Help - Discover the second part of the history of the Wise-Anderson Protocol. We write our researches to understand and treat accurately pelvic pain syndromes.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/history-of-the-wise-anderson-protocol-3/ History of the wise Anderson protocol 3 | Pelvic Pain Help - Discover the third part of the history of the Wise Anderson Protocol. The National Center for Pelvic Pain researches and treats pelvic pain. learn more.
  • http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/history-of-the-wise-anderson-protocol-4/ History of the wise Anderson protocol 4 | Pelvic Pain Help - Discover Wise Anderson Protocol and how it provides solution to pelvic pain syndromes. Contact Pelvic Pain Help (707) 874-2225 and get the right treatment.

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    The only water conditioner I will ever use. Also works great in an emergency for newly cycled tanks that have traces of ammonia or nitrite. Prime at dose of 2 drops per gallon (see SeaChem's site for more information) will neutralize the ammonia (and also the nitrite) to a less toxic form for your fish, for up to 48 hours.


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    I had a leak in a 36x16 vinyl inground pool. When I came back from a week vacation the pool had 2 feet lower level. By the time I figured out what to do, I was missing 3 feet. The product arrived in one day. One day later I had no leak.

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    These can coolers have been all the rage this summer, so I was excited to try this one out when I was offered a discount in exchange for an honest review of the product. I have used the more popular (and more expensive) name brand, so I thought this would be a fun comparison. I like the rubber lip on this product and also found that it performed really well in terms of its ability to keep things cool. I did a little experiment by putting a cup of ice in the coozie and monitored how long before all the ice melted. I took the picture attached at 13 hours (as you can see, there was still quite a bit of ice). It ended up taking a little under 20 hours for the ice to be completely melted. I would say that's a win!

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